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By Michael kelly

The Little Boy And The Journal Of The Forgotten Foot Solider

This story is great!!!!!!!! It is about a boy who finds this journal that was made by a soldier in the second crusade. Read the rest to find out what happens.

The Little Boy And The Journal Of The Forgotten Foot Solider

The Little Boy and The Journal Of The Forgotten Foot-Soldier.

By: Michael James Kelly

Michael, a young Christian boy from America, was visiting his grandparents for their birthday. He was exploring the desert around Acre because God gave him a vision that there was something he was supposed to find. So Michael was exploring the hot, miserable desert when he saw three big rocks just like in his vision. He was looking for a sign, or anything that would tell him why he was brought here when he saw something shining in a hole. The hole got bigger when you entered. It was a dark cave but with a hole which seemed to be over a decaying skeleton. The skeleton had shining armor on. It had an arrow through its chest and a book with a symbol too aged to tell what it was. Michael walked over to the book on ground which was a little bit away from the skeleton's hand. He thought that this was what he was supposed to find. So he grabbed the book and started reading to find out what God wanted him to read or find out. Every entry before the “It is the majestic winter” was decayed and unable to read, so he depicted that he was just supposed to read that entry and on.

It is the majestic winter and I have heard and remembered all these wonderful tales of heroic knights and soldiers that came from the most uncommon places and fought in the first marvelous crusade. There are legends about men who are the holiest of holiest man who fight directly for God's will and his command. They never follow or obey a king but the almighty king of all kings, God. I tell my children of these stories every night and kiss them goodnight in our small wooden house. I also have been hearing saddening rumors that Pope Eugene is starting a second crusade in spring to help our fellow unprotected Christians in Jerusalem. I pray to God hoping that we will help Jerusalem with ease and no blood shed. I must get back to my long job of farming with my son else we will have nothing to eat in spring.

It’s about to be spring but I'm troubled. Pope Eugene the third has been having a lot of activity with other countries. I am now almost sure that there is going to be a second crusade. I'm scared that my feeling is right and a crusade will start and they will take my son and I. I love all the glory that I could get by going, but I am afraid for my family...especially my son.

It is spring and Pope Eugene the third has done the thing I was terrified about. He told all of Europe that we must go back to Jerusalem to give our fellow brethren help against the vile, disgusting creatures that threaten them, and the holy city of Jerusalem. But my family through will have plenty to eat because of my strong, smart son and I farming.

It is a day after Pope Eugene's speech and already the knights and nobles of our great country of Germany are walking around the countryside looking for men to fight this mighty enemy of the devil. I think what to do first I must hide my strong boy, or else he will be taken too.

Later that night a knight came to the village. He told me that I was to leave with him and ten other men. But my boy has not been found. I am aloud to stay at my home for one more night. Then we will leave to destroy the Turks. This is the last night I will see my family so I make it the most cheerful I can. I also tell them that I will become one of those men in the stories that I have told them

The next morning I left my village heading to the kingdom. But first I said goodby to my family and friends but I wished my wife and kids good luck especially. I told my son that he was now the man of the house and he had the responsibility to provide food and safety. I tell my beautiful, caring daughter in her white dress that she will be married to a honorable man and that she is to help her mother and take care of her brother. I tell my beautiful, caring and loving wife that she is the world to me. I told my family that they are the only reason why I'm going on the second crusade.

The next morning in the courtyard and castle all the soldiers where lined up and we saw our king leave his the castle and come out the main door in glorious golden armor. He surrounded by his best and loyal knights. We were told the next day in the camps outside of the castle that we would meet up with the army of England and king louis the VII of France in England’s countryside. Where we will travel to muslim and defeat the turks in a battle that will destroy their vile race.

We are in England now a month later from my last time from when I wrote. I am ready to leave. Our king and the king of France are distrusting of each other and trying to control each other. I will miss my family loaning the time which I will see them again. England is very beautiful and misterieuses.

Sorry that I have not written in my journal for such a long time. We have been walking for a month or two while without stop watching my beloved land go away. The kings are bickering like little children and making remarks about each other. All of the army knows about how they hate each other. We are now halfway to constible. The land here is interesting it looks a lot like home but hotter and a little different from my home land.

We are almost too constable. It's been a couple of months from when I written last in this journal of my life. I feel like the kings are going to bite the others head off. I have made some friends in both of the armies. Now it barely looks like home and it is very hot here. The land is very rough and my feet are killing me. My friend charles told me that he was from the south of france. He was a poor farmer with only one son and seven daughters. He also told me that his wife had passed away so he sent his children to their uncle until he returns. I have been hanging around the kings wanting to find out information about the plan and the battles.

A couple of months have passed now we are now at constable waiting to march again but we are given some time to enjoy ourselves, But I stay here and wait to see what happens next. It is miserably hot here and i cannot even move without being sor or being hot. My friends are out drinking the finest brew and meeting the finest women. They offered to take me but it didn't feel right in my head and I can't move without something hurting.

Later that night I was walking around the marvelous city when I heard some men talking of how they tricked a little boy to bring all the children down here and to take over the muslims. The men took the children when they were being boarding on to the boats and they did the same a couple years later but with adults and children. I laughed to myself thinking that it was a joke. The city was zass and scary at dark. There were men mugging other men and women standing on the sides of roads. There were spubishious men walking up and down the streets, I didn't want to know what they were doing.

We left the next night but something horrible had happened. The kings have hated each other so much that the kings are taking each of their armies and attacking the turks by themselves. We were told that we will take the sea route and attack Acre and the capital of the demon race. I also found out that those men who took the people weren't joking and they were slavers. I was sick after hearing that.

It's been a couple months and now I feel sick as a dog. The sea is horrible, the food is horrible and we're only halfway there. The king seems happier not having king louis the vll around but the king is still miserable. The sea looks like it's never going to end and i hate it here. I cry myself to sleep each night so i don't look like a imbi soul in front of the other men. I miss my friend and my poor, poor family.

We are now on the coast of this hot miserable place. How I feel sad for my brethren in Jerusalem. The king is ready to destroy the turk army and take their capital. We first head for acre to destroy the turk army. I feel a little happier not being on that endless sea which seems to never end.

We are half way and this land is strange. We see many strange buildings. We are told that they are used to worship demons so we destroyed them. Even when some have people in them.

We see the city of acre and the turk army. Then we saw him Nur ad-Din the disgusting ,vile ,drooling beast with no decency in his heart walking to a execution of CHRISTIANS. I couldn't believe that the vile beast would even touch God's people at all. I am furious telling everyone that we should kill everyone in that city and that race right now.

After a day of preparing and coming down. The king has decided to attack at dawn and bring glory to all christances. At this night I pleaded to God asking him to watch over my family and bring us victory in his name. I will write in this journal after we defeated the savige disgusting Turks in battle.

I ask God to protect my family knowing that I will not live or leave for I know that they will find me soon.But first I must tell you what happened else my story will never be told nor the battle will never be told right. In the morning we attacked. I was toward the front. The turk army was sleeping we thought, but we found out that we were horribly mistaken. The turk army knew that we were coming and they surrounded us with foot-soldiers and archers killing everything in sight. It was a massacre but I was able to flee watching my king and my blood die in battle….. while I fled able to keep my life!!! I knew that I would never be able to live with myself, but I didn't have to because a patrol of turks found me yesterday. I was hit by a arrow but I was able to run and hide. So, I sit here bleeding out hoping that someone will find this journal and remember me. I see the light. Now I must go and be with my beloved God

Michael was interested by the story. Michael went home and brought the book to his parents. He asked his parents to read it. They said they would but Michael could tell that they dismissed the book already. Before Michael and his parents left to go home he told the local church about the foot soldier so he would never forgotten. When Michael got home he started to attach and put together the story with history facts and find out that the foot soldier was from the second crusade. He brought it to school and showed his history teacher and the teacher said that he did well researching it and that the journal is very interesting. After a number of years of hard work and looking he went to the museum in his home city of new york. The owner of the museum first questioned the reliability of the journal but Michael was able to get them to confirm the reliability.

The book was safe for a long and marvelous time. The little boy who had turned into a teen now was a man who started a family. Every year he would see the book and read its story. The day that Michael turned into a old man and died he was reading the book remembering his childhood and all the unanswered questions that he had about the journal of The Forgotten Foot-Soldier and what God wanted him to know.