Monday Minutes

April 15, 2019

Happy Monday! We are at the time of year where the schedule begins to get jam packed with events and activities both at school and outside of school. This week itself is full of events - training, meetings, choir performances, and more! Thankfully you will have a long weekend to take a deep breath and get ready for the next few weeks of student learning.

Speaking of deep breathing, did you know that it has both a physical and emotional impact on your body? Deep breathing can slow the heartbeat and lower blood pressure. Deep breathing also provides the opportunity for your brain to catch up with your body's natural response to respond. A little bit of calm and quiet sure does a body good and leads to the opportunity for reflection and calm thinking! Check out this article for a little bit more information on how deep breathing can help you.

A quick plug for the coding experience in the library this afternoon. Our kiddos tend to get a little squirrely at the end of the school year. Come check out the tech tools you may be able to incorporate in your classroom to spice it up a bit and keep your students engaged.

Upcoming Events

April 15 - Coding experience in the library 3:00 PM

April 16 - District TL (3rd AM, 4th PM)

April 16 - Bryan out AM for district meeting, Wendy out all day for training

April 17 - Bethany All-Star Choir performance, 6:30 PM

April 17 - District TL (2nd AM, 5th PM)

April 17 - TL Meeting

April 18 - Progress Notes go home

April 18 - All-Star Choir Performance for Campus - 8:00 AM

April 19 - Student/Teacher Holiday

April 22 - Student/Teacher Holiday

April 23 - Wendy out for training

April 24- Bethany Bear Beginnings, 6:00 PM

April 25 - Bryan and Wendy our for training

April 25 - Baby shower for Laura Beth Burton 3:00 PM, library

May 1 - Principal Meeting (Bryan and Wendy out AM)

May 1- TL Meeting

May 2 - Bryan out for district meeting, AM

May 2- Volunteer Breakfast 7:30 - 9:30 AM

May 3- Carnival and Glow Run (all staff except paras required to attend) 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM

May 6-10 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7 - All-Pro Dad's Breakfast 7:00 AM

May 8 - Principal Meeting (Bryan and Wendy out AM)

May 8 - Staff Meeting

May 9 - TOY Banquet 6:30 PM

May 13 - STAAR Math (3rd, 4th, 5th retest)

May 14 - STAAR Reading (3rd, 4th, 5th retest)

May 15 - STAAR Science (5th grade)

May 15 - TL Meeting

May 17 - Field Day

May 20-22 BOGO Bookfair

May 20 - Field Day makeup

May 21 - Retirement Reception 3:30 PM

May 23 - Gym closes at 11:00 AM for fifth grade celebration

May 23 - Class parties

May 23 - Fifth grade graduation 6:30 PM

May 24 - Fourth Nine Weeks Assembly 8:00 AM

May 24 - Last day of school, Early Release 12:00 PM

May 24 - Report cards go home

Instructional Minute

Kudos to you, teachers, for your commitment to daily morning circles. Have you ever considered having a closing circle? Check out this 60-second strategy video that outlines one way to close out learning which allows students to share an appreciation, apology, or aha. This might be something to consider doing at the end of the day or at the end of the week!