Mrs. Zoellick's Amazing Food Drive

By: Diana Elisa Arellano

Mrs. Zoellick started the Food Drive because Martin Elementary had so many people she thought we can make a difference. She put the posters in school in the hallways, where you dry your hands in the bathroom and where you can have a drink of water. These areas are places where many students go. She only put the posters at school. It didn’t take Mrs. Zoellick a lot of time to start the Food Drive. Mrs. Zoellick started doing the posters because she said the Food Pantry needed a lot of cans this year.“I think it's nice that people collect food cans for the Food Pantry,“ said Laney Ruiz. “I think it's good that people are giving food to other people,” said Jessica Galvan. The students and staff at Martin Elementary School collected over 2,500 cans of food for the Grafton Food Pantry!

Way to go Martin!