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The Peterson Group Review: Arguments on Homeopathy Continues on

Jakarta, Indonesia - With the recent issues concerning homeopathy, arguments between those pro- and against it continues to heat up. While the pro is standing on its ground unabated that homeopathy which the German physicist Samuel Hahnemann has founded 200 years ago has proficient proof and evidence that it is not mere placebo as so many claims it to be.

First thing first. Homeopathy is always confused with herbal medicine. They differ from each other. Although homeopathic treatment may use herb extract as one of the ingredients in the concoction, it does not stand alone. Elements such as sulfur are also used. Certain amount of different ingredients should be exactly included in the concoction before drinking it. On the other hand, herbal medicine can stand alone and sometimes only needs to be plastered on a bruise for it to cure.

However, certain arguments are not easily solved. With 200 years of conflict between allopathy and homeopathy, it proves to be a very challenging battle.

Diluted or Not

There are those supporters of homeopathy which claims that there is a minute concentration of medicine in homeopathy. Yet, others believe that the treatment is highly diluted. Critics, on the other hand, believe none and say that these claims are purely delusional. Arguments on homeopathy as being diluted are questioned as it is completely impossible for any homeopathic treatment with different kinds of elements in it to be purely diluted. A review even pointed out, “If this were the case, all water on the planet would be a homeopathic treatment for every ailment, because it once touched every herb, mineral, or animal liver in the homeopathy canon.”

A lot of researches and studies show how effective homeopathy can be. After all, it cannot last two centuries if it is merely hoax. A lot of people have been patronizing homeopathy also because it ranges in the kinds of ailments or diseases it can treat. From mere flu to cancer, a lot of people have witnessed the effectiveness of homeopathy. Unlike many other fields of alternative medicine, dominated by quacks and frauds, homeopathy tends to attract intelligent health practitioners who truly believe in the efficacy of the treatments.

However, cynics once again emphasizes that all the claims are placebo and warnings given by the International Doctor’s Association even declared inadequate evidences of the reality of homeopathy.