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News You Can Use! May 1, 2023


Calling all parents and caregivers!! The PTA’s two year term is finishing this year and all positions are open!!

Joining the PTA is a great way to get involved in the school and to help build our community for all families. All positions are open as all but one member of the current board is retiring! This is a two year commitment. Open positions are the following:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Communications, and Recording Secretary.

  • The deadline for all nominations to be received is May 15th. Nominations must be submitted through this link.
  • There will be an important PTA Meeting on May 17th and this a chance for all nominees to speak about their interests of joining the board to attendees. Voting will follow in person and on zoom and the new board will be announced at the meeting.


The NYS MATH EXAM is scheduled for May 2 & 3. PLEASE CLICK HERE to access a FAQ from NYS about the state exams.

The best way for kids to prepare is simply through getting a good night's rest, eating a healthy breakfast, and not over stressing it. Our students are fantastic and we are super proud of them as they approach the exams, and every/any day of instruction.

Social Media Presentation for Elementary 4th and 5th grade Parents

On Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 @ 5:30 pm, our DARE officer, Kathleen Gavin, will be making a presentation for parents of students in grades 4 & 5 about social media at the Liberty Elementary Library.

The goal is to give parents information on what’s trending with kids on social media, and how to combat the issues adolescents face with social media and devices. Parents of students in grades 4 & 5 from ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS are encouraged to attend.



We are grateful for the PTA for graciously celebrating our entire staff on Friday, May 5 with a staff luncheon.

May 8-12 is national teacher celebration week (we're getting a jump start on May 5!). Your class parents may be in touch about creating ways to celebrate the educators in your children's lives. If you aren't receiving their communications, please reach out to your child's class parent on THIS LIST.


Building Equity Update

Our building equity team has been working hard in sub committees to move our equity work forward. The sub-committees are currently focused on DATA, COMMUNICATIONS, THE F.U.N. PROGRAM.

The Data team has been dissecting academic, climate and culture, and tri-fold data to see where we currently stand and how we currently align with the district equity pillars and goals. There is a great deal of work to do to unpack and gather enough information, but this team is hard at work to help us move in the right direction.

The Communications team has been brainstorming ways to help get the word out about our equity work and our successes. They are considering highly visible bulletin boards in the building dedicated to our equity work and also providing information in our newsletters to keep the larger school community up to date on the happenings regarding our work. Additionally, they've been brainstorming about EQUITY THROUGH THE ARTS which would focus on finding ways to utilize the arts to promote and help move our equity work forward.

The F.U.N. (Friends at Upper Nyack) team has been working on best practices & tips and pointers that we can offer our adult (school staff) mentors who volunteer to mentor and build relationship with students who are struggling in any aspect of their lives. The idea behind this is that every child needs a champion to ensure that they have a trusted adult beyond their classroom teacher to check in on them and help them soar.

Upper Nyack Town Parking Regulation Change

Karen Tarapata, the mayor of Upper Nyack, has asked me to help get the word out about a parking regulation change that affects the area around our school. Basically, parking is no longer allowed on North Broadway between the bus cutout to the town hall on the school side of North Broadway. Signs have been posted. Please see the wording of the new parking code and visual below for more clarity.

No vehicle shall be parked or left standing, with the exception of emergency vehicles in the performance of emergency services and delivery vehicles while in the process of making deliveries in proximity to such locations:

On the west side of North Broadway from Castle Heights Avenue to a point 350 feet north from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, from September 1st through June 30th;

Big picture


Please mark your calendars that the Nyack Public Schools will be closed on FRIDAY, MAY 26.

The district sent out the following message last week:

Please be advised that Nyack Public Schools will now be CLOSED on Friday, May 26, 2023 due to unused Snow Days in the 2022-23 school year.


Chromebook Collection

Our technology department will be collecting student Chromebooks at the end of the year. For your future planning, on Friday, June 16th - Students will stop taking home Chromebooks so that they can be collected the following week.

8am Early Morning Drop Off

The Early Morning Program welcomes students for supervision and breakfast starting at 8am. There have been a few instances where students are dropped off BEFORE 8am and left without supervision. We kindly remind parents that children must not be left in front of the school before 8am without parent supervision. Thank you!


Please note that the concert scheduled for Friday, May 12 will be held at 9:30am (not 8:30am as it was printed in the calendar). Please note the corrected time.


There are archives of my community newsletter on the UNES WEBSITE - CLICK HERE, as well as on the UNESPTA Website (coming soon). If you can't find the old newsletters and are looking for info - you can find that info in these two places.

Mark Your Calendars!

    • May 2 & 3 - NYS Math Exam
    • Friday, May 5 - PTA Staff Appreciation Celebration
    • Tuesday, May 9 - Kindergarten field trip to the Van Saun Park (& Zoo)
    • Thursday, May 11 - Alice Leon Songwriting Workshop (APR)
    • Thursday, May 11 - Grade 2 Walking Trip to see Cinderella
    • Friday, May 12 - Grade 1&2 Concert (9:30am)
    • Thursday, May 18 - UNES Talent Show (6:30pm)
    • Friday, May 19 - Grade 3 Walking Trip to see Cinderella
    • Friday, May 19 - 4th Grade Living History Day
    • Monday, May 22 - Grade 1 Field Trip (Norwalk Aquarium)
    • Tuesday, May 23 - Busy Bridge Presentation @ 9:15
    • Thursday, May 25 - Grades 4 & 5 Concert (9:30am)

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