The Preschool Learning Center

March 15, 2016

First day jitters gone!!!!

Today we started back full throttle by emphasizing literacy…writing in our individual folders, organizing the alphabet (after hearing a story about the mixed up alphabet--Alphabet Adventure by Audrey Wood- and then seeing some of Child Development's intro projects (more on Friday).

Hearing and Seeing is believing

The morning Child Care class did their own lesson since they are experienced. They started with a cute video with a catchy tune about the senses. (Ask the morning class if they remember what all of their senses are!) Then they had to find something in the room that was a certain color (given to them) and put it onto a gigantic color wheel. Then they spoke into telephone cups (remember those?) and experimented between slack wires and taut wires--whether they could hear better with one over the other. Awesome lesson to be continued on Friday.