Tech Time Corner

Mountain Gap P-8

Tech Tuesday

Thank you to everyone that participated in the technology survey! We almost had 100%! We got the information we needed to make our Tech Tuesdays purposeful and useful for you all. We will have our very first Tech Tuesday on October 13th from 3:20-4:20. The sessions will be 20 minutes long. The three sessions for this Tech Tuesday are EDMODO, DyKnow, and Watch to Learn. Each session will be held three times, so you can go to all of them, or stay in one. We will share ways you can use the resources to impact your instruction. A sign-up sheet is attached through sign-up genius, so we can get an idea of participants for each session. The sessions will be on STI for you to earn professional development credits.

Sign-Up Genius

Many of you have signed up for our cook-off using Sign-Up Genius. It is a great tool for quick communication with your parents. Parent Conferences have already started throughout the building, however if you haven't started yet, try using sign-up genius to set up your conferences. Send the link out to parents and have them pick the time and date you have available. You could even use it to set up times for parents or other volunteers to come in and work with your students. Lots of possibilities for quick and easy communication! Let us know how you use it by commenting below!

Here is the link to the website:

Tech Team

Please feel free to contact anyone on the tech team with questions about app and resources available. We will be glad to assist you with integrating technology into your classroom.

Here are you fabulous Technology Team Members:

Lauren Amos

Bethany Bias

Ray Emerson

Letecia Hines

Douglass Platt

Libby Potter

Sharron Rivers

Dollene Trott-Smith

Leslie Zurowski