Friendship and Individuality

Kylie Simpson

Always be the bigger person, you are in control of all the choices you make!

My setting...

This is my story...

My story began on December 14th, 2000; my date of birth. I have grown up in Norwalk my whole life. When I was four I attended Stepping Stones preschool until the age of five. When I was five, I started at the Norwalk Community School District. At the beginning of kindergarten I became a model. Part of becoming a model is you always have to come out of your shy shell, be the bigger person and always be mature and act you age. So, at a very young age I had to learn to act as if I was an adult.

As I began kindergarten my grades started out fine. Obviously, because you learn the basics in elementary school. Throughout school grades first through fifth, class and homework gets harder so you have to work a little bit harder for what you want. You have to make all the decisions by yourself. You decide if you what to get incompletes or turn your homework in on time. You decide if you want to ace or fail. You are in 100% control of all the choices you make. So if you want to be immature be immature, but you should always want to be the bigger person in life. So throughout school, I had to learn that I needed to work a little bit harder to get my grades and all of my homework turned in on time.

Last year, I started focusing on my friends more than homework and my grades completely went downhill. Bad things turned out to happen. I had to work even harder to get my grades back up to A's. My friends thought it was hysterical to fail classes and focus on friends. I thought that it was a very poor choice on their behalf. So I told my mom how I truly felt towards those girls, I didn't know whether I should be friends with them anymore if they are just going to mess around instead of working on schoolwork and she said "I will leave that decision up to you, but whatever you decide, I will support you. Remember always be the bigger person and stand up for what you believe in." During that same time, I got in a fight with my friend(s) over a skirt they thought I had stole. So they decided to go around the school and spread rumors about me so that people would hate me. They were making complete fools out of themselves and being very immature. I could've done the same thing to them, but I decided that two wrongs don't make a right and that being mature and the bigger person will get me further in life. So I decided to just let her do what she wanted to do and let her act that way. I just stood aside and realized that acting that way may lead to further consequences.

The turning point of my story is...

The turning point of my life is when my friend Alix and I got in a dumb fight over a skirt and my mom told me to be the bigger person. I never knew I could walk away from a fight with my best friend so easily.
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