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September 15, 2023

Robert M Martin Elementary

Robert Martin Elementary is a safe, friendly community, where learning is unique and fun; creating success for everyone!

Dates to Remember.....

Looking Ahead.....

September 19 - Learning with Legos Club 3:45 p.m.

September 20 - Student Council Meeting 3:45 p.m.

September 20 - Martin Art Club 3:45 p.m.

September 21 - Martin Art Club 3:45 p.m.

September 22 - Picture Day (Picture retakes October 10)

September 25 - RME Book Fair at Watermark Books

September 25 - NO SCHOOL - Teachers Professional Learning Day

September 26 - Learning with Legos Club 3:45 p.m.

September 27 - Martin Art Club 3:45 p.m

September 28 - Martin Art Club 3:45 p.m

September 30 - Greater Andover Days (GAD) Parade

A Message from Mrs. Petricek

We're a good month into school and are rocking and rolling! Students have made new friends and are immersed in learning! We've had a great start to the year thanks to our fantastic families, teachers, staff members, and students!

Just a couple of reminders about our arrival and dismissal procedures. We've had a pretty smooth start, with just a couple of hiccups! Because our teachers and staff members have groups starting at 8:45, we have to shut the south doors at 8:43. If you see the cone outside, please pull around to the front and drop off your student. On rainy days or days with inclement weather, this may require you to start a little earlier to make the 8:43 drop-off time. Please do not "cut the line" and park in the south lot and have your child walk to the doors, as this interrupts the flow of traffic and could be dangerous. For car rider dismissal, Mr. Smith or Mrs. Gaddis will load your child's name into our spreadsheet as they make their way through the car line. Please make sure enter the car rider line at the end so that your child's name gets into the spreadsheet; if your name isn't on the sheet, the teachers don't know to send your child, which causes a back up in our procedures. Pack your patience on extremely hot, rainy, or snowy days, as our car rider lines are longer on these days!

If your child rides the bus, we would love for you to have a quick conversation with your child about kind words and actions, as we've gotten some bus reports about rambunctious and unkind behavior. Our counseling crew is also talking about kindness and integrity, and we appreciate your partnership!

Here's to a fantastic school year!

High School Football Reminder

Per the Message from AHS Principal Brent Riedy:

As we kick off this year’s sports seasons, we would like to ask your help in making our events safe and enjoyable for all who attend. We want our events to be places where we gather as a community to celebrate the accomplishments of our students.

In the past, middle school and older elementary school students play sports, run and engage in other horseplay during athletic events, and this has created safety concerns both for those students and others in attendance.

  • We will not allow balls to be brought into the stadium, gym or other event venue.

  • Students engaging in running, horseplay or other dangerous activities will be asked to leave the venue, and may be banned from future events.

  • Students are expected to sit in the stands and watch the game.

Due to the large number of people attending high school varsity football games, and past challenges involving unattended middle school and upper elementary students, it is necessary to make adjustments to our admittance into high school football games. We have witnessed inappropriate behaviors including verbal altercations, physical altercations, littering, foul language, AirDropping inappropriate pictures, playing football in the crowd, and other disruptive and disrespectful actions at football games. In order to ensure that all of our fans and spectators can enjoy the games in a safe and positive environment, the following policy for student admittance into football games at Andover High School (Trojan Stadium) and Andover Central High School (Jaguar Stadium) are as follows:

  • Elementary and middle school students will not be admitted into the stadium without a parent or guardian who has also purchased a ticket. The student will be expected to enter the stadium with the parent/guardian, and to be under the supervision of their parent/guardian during the event. Students should sit with their parent/guardian in the stands.

  • High school students will need to show their school ID along with their ticket or activity pass. This will be required of all high school students entering the stadium.

  • Students who are asked to leave the facility by School Resource Officers or school administration may be restricted from attending future school events.

    We appreciate your assistance in ensuring a safe and orderly environment at games. If you have questions, please contact your child’s school.

Reminder regarding Cell Phones and Smartwatches at School

We would prefer that elementary students not bring cell phones to school; however, if they must bring one, it will need to remain in the student's backpack at all times during the school hours. Cell phones that are visible during the school day will be taken and kept in the office for the parent to pick up.

If smartwatches become a distraction, the teacher may request that the device be removed and kept in the backpack. If it continues to be a distraction, then the device will be taken and kept in the office for a parent to pick up.

PTO needs Candy donations for GAD Parade

PTO is asking for candy donations to hand out during the GAD Parade on September 30th. Candy can be dropped off in the front office during office hours September 7 thru September 28th.

SignUp to Donate Candy here!!

Prepping for Jog-A-Thon - Volunteers Needed

We’re getting ready to kick off Jog-a-Thon, our school fundraiser! Each year we raise funds to help support classrooms, students, and teachers, and you are always SO generous!

Right now we need lots of help prepping for the run and celebration! Below is the link and QR code to the sign-up sheet with lots of opportunities to help! Hopefully, many hands make less work. Thanks in advance for your help in making our 2023 Jogathon the best one yet!

*If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Elizabeth McClure, Joice Henry, Lauren Walsh or Amanda Roop!"

Jog-A-Thon Prep Sign Up

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PTO Still looking for a Volunteer!!

PTO is looking for one more volunteer to fill the current committee opening:

Playground Committee Member

Please contact Jennifer Murray @ if interested.