Ecclesiophobia- Fear of church

wiley martinez period 2 C&MH


Ecclesiophobia, or the fear of churches, may actually refer to either of two separate fears. Some people are afraid of the building itself, while others are afraid of what the church represents. Both fears can be life-limiting, preventing sufferers from entering the church at all. In many cases, the fear is not of the building itself, but of the religious practices that occur within. Religion-based phobias run the fears to the fear of myths and legends. These phobias are sometimes triggered by a crisis of faith. If you are comfortable in your own church, synagogue or other religious institution, but are afraid of those affiliated with other religions, you may be suffering from a form of xenophobia. Some denominations teach followers that other religions are untrustworthy or even dangerous. You may be afraid that spending time in a house of worship belonging to another religion is sacrilegious. Some atheists and agnostics report that they are uncomfortable or fearful in any religious building, regardless of affiliation. Similar to a crisis of faith, these fears may be linked to unresolved issues in the sufferer's own beliefs. Some people distrust "the church" as an entity, regardless of personal religious beliefs. Sensationalistic stories of abuse and corruption can feed these fears, as can negative personal experiences. These feelings could, over time, develop from a general distrust into a full-blown phobia.