TJE September Newsletter


Responsive Classroom

TJE will continue our focus this year on engaging students academically and supporting social-emotional development. The Responsive Classroom approach offers practical strategies for teaching, rather than formulas telling teachers what they must do in the classroom. Teachers adapt the strategies as needed to address their student's needs, so things may look a bit different in each classroom. Below are some common things we see and hear from teachers:

  • Leading a daily Morning Meeting. These routines set a positive tone and build a sense of community and belonging while giving students practice in key academic and social skills. The purpose of the meeting is to create a sense of belonging, significance, and fun.
  • Teaching students the specific skills they need to participate successfully, from how to respond to a signal for quiet to how to respectfully disagree with a classmate.
  • Treating mistakes in a positive way. Teachers see mistakes (in academics and in behavior) as important steps in learning. They encourage students to learn from their mistakes and “try again.” They offer support and reteach as needed. At the same time, teachers provide clear expectations for behavior and stop misbehavior quickly so that students can focus on learning.
  • Using positive language. Teachers choose words and tone that encourage students to work hard, enjoy learning, and persist through difficulties.
  • Teaching in ways that build excitement about learning. Teachers give students some choices in their learning. They also plan active lessons (ones that get students up and moving) and interactive lessons (ones that encourage students to share their information, ideas, and questions).
  • Giving students opportunities to reflect on their learning. Teachers ask students to think about what they’ve learned, both individually and as a group, because doing so helps students learn more and builds community.

For more information on Responsive Classroom Click Here.
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TJE Needs Parent Volunteers for Outside Supervision

We need your help!

We are seeking parent volunteers to help outside with supervision during morning drop-off, recess, lunch, and afternoon pick-up. Volunteers need a category-2 clearance, have a current TB clearance, and are required to be vaccinated. Please note that we are only approved to have parent volunteers outside at this time.

Please complete this form if you are interested.

Picture Day is Monday September 20th

TJE is looking for a Parent Coordinator and School Clerk

We are currently seeking applicants for Parent Coordinator and School Clerk. Each position is two hours per day, five days a week.

Click on the links below to apply!

Parent Coordinator

School Clerk

Welcome Our New Teachers to the TJ Family

TJE Student Art Contest

Design a Sprit Wear Shirt for Principal Johnson

Students have an opportunity to design a spirit-wear t-shirt for Principal Johnson. Designs can include words, images, logos, and Teddy J of course!

Click here for the template and remember to write in your first and last name after "designed by". Take a high-quality photo in direct sunlight on a flat surface.

Email the photo of the design to Principal Johnson at: Entries are due no later than Friday, October 1st. The winning design will be made into a t-shirt.

TJE Yearbook

Click here to order the TJE yearbook. Order before September 30th to save 10%.

September Social-Emotional Learning Focus - Kindness

Our social-emotional focus for September has been Kindness. Teachers and staff have focused our students on kindness through stories, activities, and rewards. All classes have had the opportunity to create kindness rocks that feature painted kind words and messages. These rocks can be seen under the tree at the front of the school (pictured left). The goal was to link this activity with the book Kindness Rocks which we read to kick off the focus this month. Ask your student about kindness and what they have done this month to practice acts of kindness.

Night on the Town PTO Fundraiser

Night On The Town: NuYo Frozen Yogurt

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

2:00 - 8:00 PM

2750 East Bidwell #300

Folsom, CA 95630

It's still hot outside so get a cool treat! Head on over to NuYo on September 29th! Mention that you are there to support Theodore Judah Elementary School and NuYo will donate 25% of your purchase price back to the TJ PTO. Go Cougars!