Weekly Geekly

December 11, 2015

Kid Snippets: "Reading Tutor" (Imagined by Kids)

Tool of the Week- Google My Maps

This is newly enabled this week! All of our users, teachers and students, have a new option in Google Drive. When you click "New" you can now choose Google My Maps. This allows you to create a specific map for a specific purpose, with markers on it that can link to photos, websites, videos, or text. And the map will save in your Google Drive. You could have students map places that things occurred in history, or places from a novel...the possibilities are endless! It also works with Google Classroom, so you could build a map with markers on it, send it to kids through Classroom, force a copy to be created for each kid, and let them edit the content on the markers.

Tip of the Week- Twitter

Don't ever start a tweet with the @ symbol. If you do so, then the tweet is private, not public! So for example, I could tweet "Celebrating student success @FISD_CTE_Center" but I would not want to say "@FISD_CTE_Center celebrating success!"

Follow Friday

Steve Barkley (@stevebarkley) is an Educational Consultant whose name you have probably heard by now. I have been to training with him and I know that most if not all of our administrators and ICs have had a chance to meet with him as well. Since his philosophy is one we have embraced in Frisco, he is a good one to follow! If you are not a Tweeter, you can go visit his website or blog instead.

My other follow Friday is the US Department of Education (@usedgov) because sometimes you need to get a larger and different perspective than a single person can provide. I encourage you to follow them to see what is going on that is important from a national view.

ISTE Standard of the Week

This week we continue to stay in the Research and Information Fluency standard which says students will be able to "apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information." Specifically, part C tells us students should "evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks".

Think about how important that is! Pretty much anything you want to know is now at your fingertips with resources available online, but all of that information is only useful if you know how to access it. Again, this is all higher level Blooms stuff. Evaluate, synthesise, apply.

Think about the technology you use in class. Are you asking kids to use a tech tool or are they going beyond that? Are they having to locate information online and select appropriate sources? Are they having to select a tool that is appropriate to the task at hand or do you decide that for them?

Eschool App for HAC

There is at least one new App available on iTunes now that will check HAC grades. This was created by a student, and apparently may alter the grades that appear from HAC, and itis unclear if the app is able to save password information, so please avoid it. The only app you should use to check HAC is the one created by eScool, which is the eSchoolPLUS Family App with the icon I have pictured here. A great example of information fluency- check who the app's creator is before you download and use it! If you have any questions about this, please see me. Thank you!