VV Back to School News

July 29, 2022

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Meet the Teacher/Open House

We are excited to have families back on campus and have you meet your child's teachers. You will get an email from your child's teacher on August 3rd so you know which teacher you will be meeting.

Friday, August 5th, Grades 1-5, 1pm-3pm. Last name A-L from 1-2pm and M-Z from 2-3pm. Remember to take the bus from the Basha's at Kolb/Sunrise.

You will need to plan for about 30 minutes for this event.

Saturday, August 6th, Kindergarten 8:30am-10:30am

Park in the lot, come on campus to meet the teacher, then practice drop off with Dr. Dauman.

You will need to plan for about 45 minutes for this event (30 minutes with the teacher, and 15 minutes in the loading/unloading zone.

VV The Loop:2021-2022 Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Please take a moment to watch the video regarding drop off or pick up. In order to have a safe arrival and dismissal for staff, students and families, it is important that everyone knows and follows expectations.

Please DO NOT line up early for arrival or dismissal.

Lining up prior to 7:30am blocks our staff from arriving to work on time. Please do not enter the school parking lot prior to 7:35. We begin unloading cars at 7:40am.

We begin dismissal at 3:00pm. Our LOOP loading zone has a gate that will be locked during school hours. You will not be able to line up prior to 2:50pm. Please do not enter the school campus prior to 2:50pm for pick up.

We have found that our LOOP loading and unloading zone expedites arrival and dismissal.The first few days may take a bit longer than normal. Thanks for your patience as everyone learns the new process. This procedure is also for the safety of our students.

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Hang Tags for Vehicles Using Parent Pick Up

Ms. Riedle, our office clerk, will be emailing you this year's hang tag for your rearview mirror.

Please print this and give to anyone who will be picking up your child from school.

This number is specific to your family. Please have the hang tag up when you enter the school from Kolb. A staff member enters your number there and it calls your child to the loading zone where you will meet them. If you don't have the hang tag, it delays the process for everyone.

Please throw away last year's tag. Your child will likely have a new number this year as they are assigned alphabetically.

1/2 Day Only Kindergarten Students

The loading zone will be locked at 1/2 day Kinder dismissal.

Please drive to the front of the school, where the flagpole is, to pick up your child at 11:00am on MWTHF and 10:15am on Tuesday. Your child's teacher will walk the children to the front of the school and help them into your vehicles. Then you will exit through the parking lot.

Do not park or get out of your car. Your child must get in on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Please call the front office at 520-209-8000, if your child will be taking the bus or a child care van.

There are 3 spaces left in Kindergarten Plus if a full day is a better option for your family. Call Debbie at 520-209-7550 to register.

How will my child know where to go after I drop them off?

When you arrive, you will pull into the loop loading/unloading zones and drop your child off in a zone. Be sure to pull as far forward as traffic will allow and be sure your child is ready to open the door and exit the vehicle to keep an efficient process for us.

Each grade level has a color. For the first two weeks of school, there will be colored arrows that show them where to go to get to their grade level classrooms. An adult will be at each grade level area to make sure they get to the correct classroom. All doors are labeled with the teacher's names. Please make sure your child knows his/her homeroom teacher's name.


1st Grade-YELLOW

2nd Grade-GREEN

3rd Grade-RED

4th Grade- ORANGE

5th Grade-PURPLE

This will be set up when you come to our Meet the Teacher/Open House so your child can practice following their arrows.

We can't wait to see you soon!