Alexander The Great

Kianna Cosme

Conquest of persia

Alexander had been tutored by Greek scholars, trained in army.He carried on Philipʼs plan to create an empire, prepared to attack Persia.Greek city-state of Thebes rebelled, was destroyed by Alexander this made other city states too scared to rebel. Alexander moved to Anatolia and defeated Persian forces.Alexander turned south, he was welcomed by Egypt ,thankful Egyptians made him their pharaoh. Soon after,he moved across Mesoptomia toward Persia to Persepolis and controlled the Persian empire by 331 B.C.

Leader in the battle

At age 20 Alexander the great was an experienced soldier who helped his father share his ambitions by leading a battle. At Chaeronea Phillip II defeated the Athens and Thebes. Finally he controlled Greece.

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Death of Alexander The Great

Alexander died of a mysterious illness in the palace of Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon. He was just one month before becoming 33 years old. Before his death Alexander divided up the empire , Macedonia and Greece to the general ,Egypt to another, and most of Persia to a third.

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Alexander's legacy

Alexander the Great changed the world in several significant ways. He brought the Greeks a new way of fighting. He showed the Persians a Greek way of life. Alexander brought a new view of the world to everyone in his empire. Alexander spread Greek culture ,set up colonies , and built cities. He left Greek to rule lands, soon Greek became

a common language. Alexander combined Egyptian, Indian, Persian, and Greek cultures.

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