One of the problems is the whole perfect body shabang

By: Emran Khromachou


“I wish”, as the young girl said realizing her body image didn’t match the model's body on the cover of Cosmopolitan volume four. Now a-days there’s a lot of problems in media. One of the problems is the whole perfect body shabang. The whole problem is causing a whole bunch of controversy and problems. Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, People, and Women's health all show the “Perfect body” on the cover of each of the magazines. The problems rising from this are pretty life threatening and harmful to the viewers that can’t process this is scary. The perfect body thing is causing a national threat to those that aren’t ready to view such a thing such as this.

There are a lot of life threatening situations resulting from perfect bodys ads and magazines. One major problem that is rising from this is anorexia which teens are basically starving themselves. “One in every three (37%) articles in leading teen girl magazines also included a focus on appearance, and most of the advertisements (50%) used an appeal to beauty to sell their products.”, this was said by Nancy Signorielli (Signorielli, Nancy. "Teen Health and the Media." Teen Health and the Media. Nancy Signorielli, n.d. Web. 16 Dec. 2015.). Also to add from a study which states,”Studies show that 75% of young women with low self-esteem have engaged in harmful acts that could harm their body physically including cutting, binge drinking, drug abuse and bullying.”, this was stated by Moschis and Mitchell Seedalmchari.("Impact of TV Advertisments on Teens." (2013): 1-3. Web. 16 Dec. 2015.). Another one is that kids will throw their food up after they eat it so that they can lose weight to look like that famous Victoria's Secret model. Also some kids take it to the next level by even getting plastic surgery and even liposuction which is when you have a surgery to get the fat out of your body. These kids can’t be doing this to their young body because they need to be confident with their body and shame themselves because of how they look. There needs to be solutions made or else this problem will never be fixed.

One solution that would haft to be made is to take out these ads in the magazines. Also to even stop using the biggest tool called photoshop. There are a lot of ways I can stop this whole perfect body thing that’s going on now. Also I could start up a petition to stop this perfect body situation to end the fakeness in the photos that are exposed to children and or teens on that matter. What a portion of the teens don't know is that they are using photoshop to completely change these girls that’s why they should add a advisory at the bottom. Recently a solution that has been made is the models have told the photographers and the editors of major magazine companies to not edit there picture at all. Also for example adel a famous songwriter has told companies like Cosmopolitan to put her regular picture with no edits. Hopefuly all models can agree to not use major editing programs to enhance their body image in pictures and photoshoots any more.

In the end we need to put our foot down and realize this isn't right. These perfect bodies aren't perfect at all. The solution for this worldwide problem needs to be taken into effect as soon as possible before any more damage is made to the young teens and tweens. The outcomes of this isn't really worth it at all to take it to the next level. Also as long as you can look in the mirror and smile at yourself and be confident with your own appearance.