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Week of October 1st - 5th

October has arrived..........

Welcome back Andrea!!!!! We all missed you!

From what I hear, Kristina Smekens had great ideas for all of us. I am just sorry that I missed it! Through all of your PD sessions on Friday, what is the one thing you will take away and utilize within your own classroom? How will it fit in with your own goals (self-assessment areas you wish to work on)? Make a plan, we all have areas to grow in and growth is the key to success!

Tomorrow morning PD will be on the Daily 5 Reboot, part 2. Have you made any adjustments to your Daily 5 rotations, procedures, expectations, accountability? Do you need to? Is your rotation time running smoothly and effectively and you would love to have others come see it in action? We are a family, let's work with each other to offer, model and help make ourselves and each other shine!!!

LLI is officially underway. Have you reached out to the LLI teachers to see how your students are doing? Encourage the students to work hard, and become the best readers they can be! Let's pull together and watch our students grow!!!!

I will be starting to come into classrooms to complete walk-throughs this week. As long as the app is working correctly, the walk-throughs will be completed on my phone. If not, I am hoping the IPAD will be successful! Please remember this isn't any different than my routine quick visits to your rooms. I love providing feedback and suggestions to help all of you continue to be the best you can be!


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Just had to share - My way to De-stress at home!!!!! I love my Lucy Girl!!!!!

What's Happening This Week: October 1st - 5th

Monday, October 1st:

*Picture Re-Take day*

12 p.m. - ACR - E.F. (Laura P., Amanda H., Stephanie, Cory, Jamie)

Tuesday, October 2nd:

1:45 p.m. - Second grade meeting with Stephanie and Cory

Wednesday, October 3rd:

7 a.m. - PTO Sponsored "Donuts with Dad"

Thursday, October 4th:

10 a.m. - Bully Program in gym for grades K-5

3:30 p.m. - Phone CC - Z.H. (Laura S., Cherri, Stephanie)

4 p.m. - CC - L.T. (Laura S., Cherri, Stephanie)

Friday, October 5th:

FALL BREAK - October 8th - 12th