The dude with the food

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Local hero saves fictional town

________________young hero celebrated________________

by: Jimmy Nutrin

spring break 2015, the couragous young hero, Henry Toon, stays in side to play a new video game he got. he had to beat demons and solve mysteries to save the town, so next time you see this man give him a pat on the back and give him a cookie. yes, it may have been a fictional town but that doesn't make it less heroic, so in celebration of his acomplishment we will now have Henry is Super Rad Day. the first one will be held at the perot meusuem in dallas. to see more on this article go to page 420.
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guy before the aciddent______________________________________________woop pictures 2012

Guy Fieri traped in a cave for three days, survived on his own pants

___american food connoisseur eats his own pants to survive___

By: dookie newcomb

food show host over spring break gets trapped in a cave with nothing to eat. when he was found with minor injures and no pants. he was interviewed by our lead journilist, julius shreker.

Julius " so, Guy, why did you eat your own pants?"

Guy " well, uh, i this story is continued on page 56

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32 year old Tex Ass________________________________________________Doog with the feud 2015

man makes terrible name choices

_________32 year old Pete Abred tells us his story_________

By: Lloyd Santan

32 year old Pete abred has changed his name many times over his life, his birth name was Tex Ass. he always changed his name to avoid peolple from making fun of him. over the years he's benn , Al Agator, Terri A6 ki, Marshal Arts, amomng other things. no matter what he has never been good at making a new name for him self. this article is continued at page 666