Kali Bergstrom

All about me!

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Nickelback "What Are You Waiting For" by RepublicRecords

About me

I have one brother, he is a sophomore in high school. His name is Kade.I live in plains. My moms name is Mindy and my dads name is Les. I have 3 dogs, there names are Sadie, Phoebee, and Miley. I like to be outside and doing something. I like to play sports.

10 facts about me.

1. I love my family.

2. I like to spend time with my friends.

3. I like to be outside.

4. I have broken by arm 4 times.

5.My favorite color is neon blue.

6. My best friends are Nesvy, Alejandra, and Sydney.

7. I like to listen to music all the time.

8. I like to play sports.

9. My basketball number is 45.

10. My favorite band is Nickelback.


I like to play some sports. The sports I play are volleyball basketball and in the summer soft ball. I like to watch sports on tv to. the sports I like to watch are basketball and football and sometimes softball. My favorite college basketball team is Ku and NBA is the Oklahoma Thunder. My two favorite NFL teams are Auburn and the Chiefs. My favorite Softball team is Oklahoma.




My family

SWH dance video

SWH "Shake it Off" 5 Second Dance

Blank space by Taylor swift.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Centuries by Fall Out Boys

Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Lyrics)
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Choir Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 7:30pm

17222 Mustang Rd

Kismet, KS

The choir concert is for 6-12 grade choir.