Deependra Rimal

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement: Deependra

Personal Statement

I am a leg person, a guy who always likes to kick stuff. Since I was a little kid, I have always played soccer. That’s why I like kicking what is around me. I kick soccer balls, basketball, rolled papers, gum wrappers, water bottles, volleyball, and even pieces of wood. This year I was on the school’s soccer team playing midfield. I played midfield because I wanted to help my friends score goals. When they score goal they seem to be happy. Sometimes my family comes to watch me play soccer. It’s cool when my parents watch my games and cheer for me. They say that I am good at soccer.

I’m able to help many people because I can speak four different languages, such as Hindi, Nepali, English, and, believe it or not, technology. I volunteer at church as a translator to help people from other countries communicate with those that do not speak the same language.

I am fluent at Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. I can find stuff on the internet that is important for anything specific. I can type 75 words per minute, so I am good at keyboarding.



Byrd Middle School


Siddhartha Boarding Higher Secondary School



Byrd Soccer


  • word processing: 75 words a minute
  • fluent in Hindi
  • fluent in Nepali
  • PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • respecting others
  • helping others


2011-2012 Friends or Rachel's Club

2012-2013 F.B.L.A (Future Business Leaders of America)

Work Experience Journal


To prepare for my work experience I have created my own website, I have recorded my personal statement, and I prepared my resume. I really enjoyed using Smore because I learned a lots of things about managing and creating digital portfolio. It taught me a lot about web designing and web management. Because of Smore now people will be able to know me.


At my Professional Day I learned how to tie a tie, I did Mock Interviews which I thought was pretty difficult because I have to work on Greetings, Speech Volume, Speech, handshake, and wearing suit shoes instead of tennis. I created a Life Quote.


At my interviews I felt easy to answer and talk to them because they were nice to me. I am so excited that I am going to do my first job.


I was copying the stuff for Ms. Corbin the whole day.


I helped Ms. Provenzano carry stuff to the office and helped her arrange papers. I also helped her to keep tracks of books which came from other school.


I helped Ms. Corbin arrange papers and helped her clean some books.


I helped Ms. Corbin write Vocabulary on the board and helped her make a copy. Ms. Corbin didn't had any works for me to do so she took me to the other teacher and told me to help her. Helping Mrs. Corbin write on the board made me realize how teachers prepare to help children learn. She told me that when the level 1 ESL students see the words on the board it will help them to know what the words are and they will find the meanings and definitions of the words. It was from the chapter that they were doing in class.

The copies were also to help the children. I think it is a different way of showing the kids the same activity. Some students might learn better by working on worksheets and writing down the exercises. I believe that this is a different way that Mrs. Corbin uses to help her children learn.

I have made copies for Mrs. Corbin and Ms. Provenzano. It has helped me learn how to use the copy machine and the various features of the copier. I think that students should help the teachers as they have a lot of work and preparation before teaching. If I were not here to make copies or help with other classroom preparation work for Mrs. Corbin and Ms. Provenzano would have to take the time to do all of the work that I do for them.


I took a test the whole week.


I helped Mrs. Corbin make copy of some papers which I thought was fun doing because now I am good at using the copy machine. while I was using the copy machine it broke in the middle of process so I had to use the other one which messed up some of her papers.


On this day I was learning how to write a work experience journal with Mrs. Bala. After I finished learning how to do it, I helped Ms. Provenzano file her paper and clean take out the recycling papers. At the end of the day I had finished all the work for both of them so we just hanged out talking about funny stuff which was about my country.


Today, I cleaned all of Mrs. Corbin and Ms. Provenzano's desk and chairs which I had never done before in my life. I find it hard to clean it at first but as I moved on it was kinda easy to clean. After, cleaning I helped clean Ms. Provenzano's white board which is fun off course. I went to Ms. Mallon to ask if she needs help with anything after erasing the board because Mrs. Corbin didn't had anything else for me to do for her.


Today, I organized Ms. Provenzano's graded papers. I also helped Mrs. Corbin help grade papers which was hard because all they students had lots of answers so I had to grade it carefully which took me 4 or 5 minutes each. Even though Mrs. Bala helped me grade some of them we still couldn't finish it.


Today, I helped Ms. Provenzano make some copies, I also helped her erase the board. I also help her arrange her book shelf which was fun. I finish everything so fast so we were just talking to each other and having fun.


Today, I helped Mrs. Corbin grade some papers which I wasn't able to finish it up because it was too much and Mrs. Corbin sent me to make a copies of a book for her ESL students which was hard and made me realize how hard teachers work to prepare for their classes. I wasn't able to finish up making copies of the book because the announcement began so I had to go back to class.


I helped Mrs. Corbin finish up making up the copies of that book that I was working on Wednesday the 20th which was fun because all of my other friends were there so, I got to talked with them while making copies. After, I finished up making copies for Mrs. Corbin she didn't have any other works left for me so, she sent me to Mrs. Mallon because she needed some help from me to put some projects on the hallway. Next, I went to library to help them put some countries flag up their because it was international language day.


Today, I made some copies for Ms. Provenzano and when I finished it up they sent me down to library to ask them if they needed any help from me. Mr. Wilson came in their and took me to work for him at the boys gym to make some arrangements of the rental clothes and write down lost and found peoples name on the sheet of paper where LJ helped me too.


Today, I helped Ms. Provenzano arrange a whole bunch of papers where I had to put some of them in recycle bin and others on the folder or paper clip them. I also helped Mrs. Corbin make some copies.


Today, I helped Mrs. Corbin and Ms. Provenzano help make their classes and help them make copies of papers and when I went to the copy machines Mrs. Jones gave me some cokes. I also helped Mrs. Mallon put the chairs on the table and help her arrange her books.


Today, I helped Mrs. Provenzano make some copies and recycle some papers along Mr. Timok's recycle paper. After that I went to library and helped them get rid of the old books. I also played check because they didn't had any work for me.


I helped Mrs. Corbin grade some papers which was hard because I hate grading papers but still I had to do it. After that I made some copies for Mrs. Bala and it was fun. At the end of the day Mrs. Corbin told me to clean her desk but I couldn't finish it up because I didn't had much time for it.


I helped Ms. Provenzano make some copies. I helped Mrs. Corbin make some copies too. I wiped her desk with cleaner which was left over from last week because I didn't had much time to do it that day so I had to finish it today.


Ms. Provenzano was not here today so I was helping Mrs. Corbin the whole day. When I get there first I grade Mrs. Corbin's papers and then I helped her clean her room. I made some copies for them and then I had to come back because the announcement came on.


Today Ms. Provenzano had to go early today. Mrs. Corbin only told me to put some old papers in the box and lock it after that she told me to make some copies for her which I did. After I finished copying those papers she told me that she didn't had anything do and I was also kind of hungry so I asked her if I could get some thing to eat from vending machine which is located in E hall and she said go ahead. After I finished eating she said I can do other works for my other classes so I finished my homeworks and I was just sitting there the bell rang and I had to go back to my EFE class.


Ms. Provenzano was moving to another school so I helped her clean her books, arrange it, and put it in Mrs. Corbin's room. I helped her take those bookshelf to her car in the parking lot. after I finished helping her I helped Mrs. Corbin arrange her bookshelf.


I didn't had to go to Mrs. Corbin's Room today because Mr. Dunn had some grading to do so I helped him with it. After a while Keenan came in and helped me grade some papers. After we finished grading papers I helped Carnell with some of his work.


I helped Mrs. Corbin clean her desks. After I finished cleaning she asked me to help her prepare for her class by finding some works on Journey to the Center of the Earth. She told me to make some copies for me. After I finished with her I had to come back because Ms. Provenzano had to left early because of her dog. She gave me some pop tarts and fruit punch at the end of the day.


Today I helped Ms. Provenzano take her other book shelf to her car since she is moving to another school. I helped them both grades some paper which is really hard since I hate grading papers. Even though I started grading them earlier I wasn't able to finish them because it was a lot to grade. The bell rang so I had to come back to my class.


Mrs. Provenzano left early today because she had to go meet the other principle from another school. she told me to grade some papers for her which I finished in 30 minutes after that I helped Mrs. Bala with some gradings and after I finished it I did my homework for other classes.


Today I had to make some copies for Ms. Provenzano but first I graded papers for Mrs. Corbin. Ms. Provenzano's copying was confusing so she had to stay with me at the copy machine and help me. Later on that day I had to check if students had those ESL paper from Mrs. Corbin's ESL students list which I couldn't finish because I was running out of time.


Contact Information

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Bruce Timok, Byrd Middle School EFE Teacher