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May 20


Next Week

Please plan to park on the back and sides of the building for the last three days of school. We have special events each day. Please maintain your professionalism and positive attitudes for the last week of school. We can make it!

Post Planning

Next Thursday and Friday are required work days. Hours will be 8:00-4:00. No school-wide meetings will be held on Thursday in order to give you time to complete end of year items. Math Vertical Team has meetings at the high school on Thursday. We will have a luncheon and short meeting in the cafeteria on Friday at noon. All staff must attend.

Schedules and Classrooms

The end of the year is an exciting time, but please keep your schedules and classrooms as normal as possible. Our students need the predictability of a regular school day and school environment. Any packing of classroom items should take place when students are not present. Your classroom should maintain an instructional focus through the last day of school.

Step Up Day

Step Up Day will take place on Wednesday, May 25th from 9-10am. We discourage from having any parents in the building during this time. A copy of the directions will be emailed to all staff and in mailboxes the last week of school.

RBES Goals

Please let Carrie know if you have any questions regarding completing your RBES Goal Results & Conclusions. These are due by May 23. Email DCES Administration when you are ready for an administrator to sign off on your goals.

LLT & STEMLT (Please email Carrie if you are interested. WE NEED REPRESENTATION FROM EACH GRADE LEVEL. Literacy Leadership Team (LLT) Principal Nomination

Grade Level Representatives:

K - Kristie Rogers

1 - ?

2 - ?

3 - ?

4 - ?

5 - ?

Special Ed - Debbie Larson

Special Area - Carrie Power

During the 2016-2017 school year, the Literacy Leadership Team (LLT) will be a team of reflective practitioners committed honing their crafts as teachers of writing. The team will deepen their understanding of the AKS for writing and craft and structure in reading. LLT will provide the space and time for teachers to reflect upon and refine the Architecture of the Mini-lesson and the Architecture of the Conference. Protocols for looking at student work will be used at all LLT meetings in order to plan next instructional moves to support students.

What: Literacy Leadership Team (LLT)

When: 9/7, 10/20, 11/17, 1/12 and 2/23 from 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Where: Discovery High School

STEM Leadership Team Principal Nomination

Grade Level Representatives:

K - Tiffany Harriman

1 - ?

2 - ?

3 - ?

4 - ?

5 - ?

Special Ed - ?

Special Area - Jennifer Clark

The goal of STEMLT is to build the capacity of mathematics and science teacher leaders to lead effective math and science instruction that includes purposeful integration; rigor; problem based learning; and vertical alignment K-12 to foster critical thinking and effectively increase student achievement. We invite Math, Science, and STEM instructional leaders, Science and Mathematics Specialists, Connection teachers, innovative teacher leaders, and STEM Academy leads to participate for the SY 2016-2017.

The Professional learning this year will focus on:

1. developing a deeper understanding of the vertical alignment of the AKS

2. connecting the new science AKS and mathematics AKS to solve real world problems

3. effective instructional practices, including formative assessment and writing strategies to deepen students’ conceptual understanding.

What: STEM Leadership Team

When: 7/25 (8:00 - 3:00) and 9/19; 11/14; 1/23; 3/20; & 4/17 from 5:00-7:00

Where: Discovery HS

Stipend is $32.50/hour


From Erline:


Please follow the directions I've sent regarding what to do with folders. By now most of you have returned the Recommendation Letter for next year....THANK YOU! I will be returning this letter to you with final graphs attached. Please take a moment to look at them and then place them in the SST file. If a student is in speech, they have a supplemental file, not an SST file. Please give the letter and graph to the case manager to file. If there is no SST file (hopefully not the case), place it in the perm record at the back. Again used and unused probes come back to me in the yellow folder.

Fifth Grade Walk

The walk will take place Wednesday at 2:15. Please have your classes out and lined up by 2:12. The route will begin upstairs at the corner of Lutz's room and stairway B. We will head down through the second floor and come past the media center into the main building. We will walk down the first hallway and out those doors and weave in and out going through the last kindergarten hallway and out through the back doors. The we will head up the sidewalk and reenter the building near Hartwell's room for the final walk through the foyer and into the cafeteria. I will send a map out on Wednesday morning.

Report Card Timeline

Teachers Verify PDF and Make Changes in Gradebooks - May 23 by 9 pm

Report Cards are printed- May 24

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Anita Gaston - 6/1

Carrie Power - 6/4

Elizabeth Law - 6/4

Stacey Covey - 6/10

Debra Caton - 6/10

Cindy Gomez - 6/12

Deborah Young - 6/14

Heather Myers - 6/19

Erline Jackson - 6/20

Karen A. Martin - 6/22

Mary Lawrence - 6/26

Amy Corrigan - 6/28

Tiffany Harriman - 6/28

Beth Findley - 7/4

Camrea Sawyer - 7/5

Patty Bickell - 7/22

Kari Parlier - 7/25

Angie Arendt - 7/27

Kimberly Mayfield - 7/28

Jane Padgett - 7/29

Karen B. Martin - 8/03

Cindy Hamilton - 8/08

Dayna Alkire-Barry - 8/10

Marla Newman - 8/10

Dana Harper - 8/11

Beverly Foust - 8/12