Cultural Regions

By Avery Goforth and Autumn Jones

Northern Region

Main Languages-

  • French
  • English
  • Spanish


What forms of government do they have?

We're a democracy

What rights do people in the region enjoy?

Freedom of speech, religion, sexuality, right to bear arms, etc.


What are the main religions or belief systems?

Christianity, a little hindu and islam.

What beliefs do members of those share?

They believe that there is a god and there is life after death whether that's heaven and hell or reincarnation.


Do most people live in towns, cities, or in the countryside?

Depends, there are a lot of cities and rural areas. There are people everywhere.

What are peoples homes like in the region?

Made of brick with foundation or wooden slats. In Canada, it's colder. There is probably more insulation in their houses. Homes are built to withstand whatever weather. For example, along the coast many houses are built on stilts to protect from hurricanes and flooding.

Family Relationships

Do people have small or large families?

Depends how many you wanna have. There are single people with not a big family and there are some people who have a big family. There are some mormons who usually like to have big families.

How are the families organized?

Each family just lives in their house. Usually two parents, but there are some single parents.

Social Structure

What social classes exist in the region?

They're are all classes. Some people are super rich because they have amazing jobs and some can barely afford food or don't even have homes. We're talking about too big of an area for there to not have all classes.

Is wealth concentrated or more evenly spread out?

It is not spread out cause it depends what job you have. There are homeless people so wealth is definitely not spread out.

Fashion, Art, Literature, and Music

What are their fashions, literature, music, and art like?

Fashion can depend on your religion or just your taste. Writing depends on what you like to read and write. We have all kinds of fashion and literature. We have all genres of music. There are no limitations. People can create whatever art they would like.

Who are some important artists in this region?

You learn a lot in school about Van Gough, Di Vinchi, Picasso, Drake, JB, One Direction, and Lady Gaga are sime popular artists.


How do people educate their young?

Most of the time they send their kids to school starting at 4. There are private schools and public schools. You usually go to pre school, elementary school, middle school or junior high, and then high school, and then college. Some people get home schooled from their parents or they take only school.

What do children learn at home or at school?

They learn how to do math, learn about science and history, and learn how to write and read. As you get older there are more specifics depending what field you want to go into when you're older. You can usually pick extra classes too.

Land Use

How is land owned and shared?

People buy their land from others or the government. People share lands by renting out their basement or dividing part of whatever land.

Is land used for farming, livestock, or manufacturing?

Land is used for all of these.

Trading Networks

What kind of good and services do people exchange?

We sell cotton to canada and we buy oil from them. We also exchange cars and certain appliances from different parts of north america.

What items do they trade with those outside the region?

We usually buy gas for cars from other countries, and food we cant get here. The government trades also.


What are the main minority groups in the region?

Blacks, indians, asians... We have everything

How equally are men and women treated?

Now days were treated pretty equally.