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Facebook, what is it?

Facebook is a social networking site in which people can post comments, pictures, and video to share with "friends." Facebook is really an RSS reader that pulls in people's posts and add them to the news feed to see what they've posted.

What do people post on Facebook?

People like to post many or all of the following things:

• pictures

• video

• comments- thoughts, opinions, what they are doing, what they've done

• recipes

• links

• jokes

How Does Facebook Work - Understanding the Concept

Digital Footprint Issues

What type of content is appropriate to post on Facebook?

Some appropriate content to post on Facebook:

• video or pictures of a vacation AFTER you've returned home.

• sharing a link to an appropriate site you found.

• the announcement of a birth.

• a graduation picture.

• opinions??

What type of content is in inappropriate to post on Facebook?

Some inappropriate content to post on Facebook:

• inappropriate pictures

• inappropriate videos

• swear words

• mean comments

Privacy / Safety

What type of content is important to keep private?

• information of your personal life

• Information (address,etc.)

• Family secrets

What could be the possible consequences for posting this content on

• Stalkers

• creepers

• court

BEWARE! Facebook: Dangerous to Your Personal Privacy and Safety