I am a student who dislikes math.

I wonder why math is so hard.

I hear other people understanding difficult math concepts.

I see myself struggling.

I want to be better at math.

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I am a student who is scared of math.

I pretend I like math when others do.

I feel sad when I do math.

I touch my head when I get frustrated.

I worry that people with think I am dumb.

I cry when I get a bad grade on a math test.

I want to be a teacher who is excited about math.

I understand that math is important.

I say that everyone can learn math.

I dream that I will be good at math.

I try to continue learning math skills.

I hope to be a good math teacher.

I am a teacher who values math.

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (song for kids about adding doubles 1-5)

If they made songs like this for all math concepts, I would love it!