''coco'' chanel

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel

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Coco - Inside CHANEL
Gabrielle Chanel - Inside CHANEL

interesting facts

''coco'' chanel was born august 19, 1883. she died january 10,1971. ''coco'' chanels real name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel she got her nickname from a song she use to sing when she lived in an orphanage .


''coco'' chanel was born into a very poor family . her father abandoned her two sisters and sent them to an orphanage and her two brothers sent to work in child labor.

things shes done

''coco chanel wasnt recognized till the 1920's .In 1917, ''coco'' chanel's first hat collection in 1919 then she opened her first couture shop in 1921 which made her famiouse .

she's known for

chanel is known for changing fashion with her creativity. she cut her hair short wore shorter dresses and not so tight fit to make a more comfortable type fashion and added jewels. she created a elegant type fashion rich people went crazy for. she made black the color of elegance her most favriot colors for her fashion was black red gold and white.

she deserves the fame because ...

coco chanel hes accomplished so much and didnt quit shes a hard worker and very creative. she came from a poor family ,sent to an orphanage loved and lost and still went on making fashion trends proving evryone wrong. shes a great example for people.

something i didn't know

''coco'' chanel fell in love and married in august 19, 1883 untill his tragic death in january 10, 1970.his name is Boy Capel.


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