Noticias de la Semana

September 21-25, 2015

Academic Update

Math: Expanded form, standard form and word value, place value, yay rah rah!! We're also going to be working on comparing numbers (less than, greater than, equal to) and numbers from least to greatest/greatest to least. (Has some wonderful practice activities for numbers from 100 up to 999,9999). I highly recommend it as I played a few games myself to check it out.

Reading: We are still working on our stamina for silent reading/reading groups. So far, we have ranged from 9 - 14 minutes. Pretty darn good for the start of the school year!

Intercambios: We are just starting our unit on communities. Sub-topics include: types of communities, goods/services, supply/demand, producer/consumer and how to create a business. Please have your child bring in a shoe box by early next week (if you have one).

Art Adventure volunteer needed for our class

Hello Everyone!

It is that time of year again when those of us who do not speak spanish can actually go into the classroom and share some time with our children. I am Keely Taddeini and I am the coordinator for Art Adventure, this is a wonderful program sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I have been a coordinator/co-coordinator for this program for 9 years!

Here is a brief description:

Art Adventure will be held in the month of November. During this month MIA lends us a portfolio of artwork. It is your job to coordinate with the classroom teacher, 4 times (30 minutes each) that you can go into the classroom and present these works of art. The nice thing is you are given training by MIA and a booklet of lesson plans and ideas for the classroom. Many of the volunteers have commented on how GREAT and educational the training is to attend. The portfolio we have this year is called Artists Inspirations.

It takes a little coordination and effort from both you and the classroom teacher but is well worth it! The kids love having us come in and talk about art. Please consider volunteering your time and talent to this worth while opportunity. Please respond early, this has been very popular in past years and ideally I would like only 1 parent per classroom. In past years, the 3rd graders have gone to the MIA and experienced the art in person! We are hoping to offer this experience again this year.

Quick recap of commitment:

2 1/2 hours of training at MIA (It is really FUN) Sept 29th (10:30-1), October 2 (5:30), October 20 (10:30-1), or October 29 (5:30-8:00) Please note I must make a reservation for one of these times so it is very important for you to let me know which training you will attend!

4 - 30 to 60 min. presentations in the classroom

Organize dates and times with your classroom teacher to present

Place name on calendar with art work to be presented and room you will be located across from the bathrooms.

**Totally optional is an opportunity to do an art project with the students based on what they have learned. I know a few group projects have been used in the spring fiesta auction.**

If you are interested please provide me with the following:

Your name

Your childs name

Teacher & Grade


phone number

date you would like to train!!!!

I will send you more information and more details if you have questions. Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered and made this a huge success year after year! I hope many of you will be back this year!

Many thanks,

Keely Taddeini

Monday smile :-)

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