The Great Times


Greenwich Village, New York 1954

New York is a big city and busy just like Greenwich Village people that live there are busy people and don't have time to pay attention to their neighbors and look out the window and notice small details. Except for one neighbor LB Jeffries, a photographer who has a broken leg. He looks out the window every day night and day with his camera and spy's on his neighbors. He notices that one of his neighbors Lars Thorwald is acting suspicious when he caught him cleaning a saw and his packing his stuff,and his leaving his house everyday. Also notices that his Lars wife isn't there anymore. Jeffries suspect that Lars killed his wife. Jeffries tells his girlfriend Lisa she starts believing him as they both see that he has her purse and jewelry. Lisa sneaks into Lars apartment and Lars caught her in there he calls the cops and when the cops come Lisa is calling Jeffries name and Lars see's jeffrie. Lars goes to jeffries apartment and ask him what does he want, he tries to throw jeffrie out the window and the cops catch him. Lars admit that he killed his wife into pieces.



1. Men are the ones that have all the jobs.

2. Women are the one that have to take care the children and house while men have to work outside.

3. Men are the ones that have all the money and power.


1. Due to the need for workers to replace the jobs of men who were deployed overseas during World War II, many women began working outside of the home.

2 When feminists protested to gain the right to vote and abolitionism.

3.The differences between women, including race, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation.