Dred Scott vs John Sanford

Dred Scott Got Another Chance For Freedom

About Dred Scott

Dred Scott was born into slavery in the year of 1795 and was also born in Southampton County, Virginia. Later his owner, Peter Blow died and was sold to an army doctor named John Emerson. Scott fell in love with another slave on the year of 1836 from another army doctor. When they married she was given over to Scott's owner because they married. Later on, Mr. Emerson died and Scott and his wife were left with Mrs. Emerson. After that Scott had a legal battle to gain his freedom but after it all, he failed. After the session in court on December, 1847 Judge Hamilton granted him a new trial. He fought the new owner that he was transferred to named John Sanford which was Mrs. Emerson's brother. Later after that he had a case with the Sanford and lost the case with 7 out of the 9 judges agreeing with Sanford's side. He then was returned to the blow's because Mrs. Emerson remarried. Dred Scott was now given freedom because the Blow's granted Dred Scott and his family freedom. Dred never quit and when he kept trying he finally had success and was free.

Dred Scott's Case

Dred Scott had a legal battle to gain his freedom against his widowed owner Mrs. Emerson but in the end, he failed. In his first trial 7 of the 9 judges agreed with the lawyer Roger Taney saying," Slaves weren't citizens of the United States. Therefore no rights to sue." This decision sparked outrage in the north and glee in the south meaning that people were mad in the northern part of the U.S and people were happy or relieved in the southern parts, but after the session in court in December 1847 Judge Hamilton granted him a new trial. He was moved to a new owner named John Sanford which was Mrs. Emerson's brother and was transferred before the newly granted trial. He took his case to the Missouri courts 11 years later after his first trial. On his second trial he was being represented by Alexander P. Field and David N. Hall for court. During the trial chief justice William Scott gave a speech quoting," Times are not now as they were when the former decisions on the subject were made. Since then not only individuals but states have been possessed with a dark spirit in relation to slavery, whose pleasure from desire is sought in the pursuit of length whose bad and evil actions must be the destruction of our government. Under such circumstances the state of Missouri shows the least countenance to any measure which might gratify this spirit. She is willing to assume her full responsibility for the existence of slavery within her limits, she isn't to share or divide it with others."

After The Trial

Dred Scott and his family stayed in St. Louis. Dred Scott found work as a porter at a local hotel but unfortunately died from tuberculosis. Dred Scott had two kids. Both were girls and their names were Eliza and Lizzie. He made an impact on history by launching a legal battle to gain his freedom. In the end, he had his freedom from being a slave and was free.

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