The Middle Atlantic Colonies

By: Brianna Irizarry


In these colonies, people generate money by working as farmers, bakers, blacksmiths, butchers, carpenters, shoemakers, and tailors. We trade many things such as livestock, grains, fruits, and vegetables. These colonies are home to many Quakers and they believe that violence and holding someone against their will was not the right thing to do. Since we don't have slaves, free Africans are welcome to live here.

Location and Climate

These colonies are near the Middle Atlantic. They are near many bodies of water such as the Hudson River, the Delaware River, and the New York Bay. These colonies are also by the Appalachian Mountains. The names of each colony are the Delaware Colony, the Pennsylvania Colony, the New Jersey Colony, and the New York Colony. The climate in this region is pleasant. Our summers are long and the average temperature is mild. There is a good amount of rain each year. This clearly explains our very rich soil!


There are many religious groups here such as Quakers, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Irish, and German Lutherans. There is religious freedom here except there are different rules for Jews. Jews can not practice their religion freely in New Amsterdam (New York). Also, Jews can not work at certain jobs. They don't have as many rights as other religions.

About The Colonies

We have a very big and diverse population. People from Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain live here! New York was founded by the Dutch and New Jersey was founded by the Duke of York who is also known as King James II. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn and Delaware was founded by Peter Minuit. Delaware was founded in 1638, New Jersey and New York were founded in 1664, and Pennsylvania was founded in 1681. Immigrants moved to Pennsylvania and Delaware for its rich farmland. New York was started when the Dutch came to the area where the explorer Henry Hudson had claimed land for them. New Jersey was started when John Berkeley and George Carteret offered to sell land at low prices to anyone in England who wanted to live In the Middle Atlantic Colonies.

Why We Are The Best Colony

The Middle Colonies is a terrific place to live in because of our very rich farmland. It is safe here because we believe that violence is not the answer to any problem. We also have the amazing Wagon Road. It helps settlers travel to Western Virginia and both Carolinas. Plus, we have many churches for all religions. Come to the Middle Colonies. You and your family will love to live here!