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Long, but important.

9 Months Done, Less Than 3 Months To Go!

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In This Edition:

1. Message From Your MCP

2. Presidents Retreat - Timings & Agenda Sneak Peek

3. LCP 2016 Transition Schedule & Checklist
4. RoKS - Making The Best Out Of It

5. Coaching
6. #MakeItMove - Regions On The Rise

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I’m extremely happy to be writing this MCP newsletter to you today from Mexico City! I’m currently working closely with MC Vibe (Mexico’s MC team) to deliver their upcoming national conference for EBs and TLs. Working with the MC team here has been both a huge privilege as well as large learning experience for me that I will share with you soon enough!

It is currently October and the start of October brings in the last quarter of your LCP experience. Once at a summer national conference I had a chair who SNAPPED in the opening plenary and he said the conference will go by just like this SNAP and 5 days later, SNAP and it was all over, just like that. In many ways your LCP experience is just like that SNAP. In a second it will all be over and that daily struggle and all of the long nights, difficult conversations, and the happy moments, they will become distant memories. In the years to come, like a good book, you will truly remember the beginning and the end of your experience. Ultimately it’s not how you start but how you finish that will define your LCP experience. The achievers, the champions, fight their way through the fourth quarter. They live and breathe for the fourth quarter. This is their chance. They KNOW they can WIN and the only way to get there is for them to get onto the field and to lead their team. Leaders cannot win from the bench.

Some of you have successors now and I know that it will be tempting to hand over the reins to them. Don’t, your term ends on Dec 31st 2015. The best way for your successor to learn is to watch and shadow the master that you’ve become, to learn from the countless hours that you’ve put in. Allow them a space where they can focus on transition and incoming EB forming without the pressure of leading the whole LC. Stick it out and do everything that you can to make WINTER PEAK happen. Finish with a BANG.

I guarantee you that putting everything you have into this last quarter will be a rigorous challenge full of pain and it won’t be easy. The pain will be worth it. When facing pain you have two choices. The first is to quit. When you quit you have to live with this pain and carry it with you forever in the form or regret or what ifs. Quitting doesn’t just mean resigning, quitting is also manifested in giving less than your best. The second choice is to fight through the pain and get a reward. Thomas Edison once said, "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." You can be successful.

I love each and every one of you and I want so badly for you to receive your reward, to become a leader that achieves. I want to share one more quote with you that is special to me because this quote was shared by Alonso the MCP of Mexico to his team for the rest of 2015, just one learning I am taking away from my time here in Mexico. “At any given moment, you have the power to say that this is NOT how the story is going to end.” – M.H.S. Pourri

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LCP is a once in a lifetime experience. Make a CHOICE and define your experience. Then, when you meet with a fellow LCP in Mexico City 2 years later, you’ll have amazing stories to remember and amazing new stories to share with each other.

Yours truly,


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What Should You Expect Out Of The Retreat?

The first thing to know about the agenda and experience at National Presidents Retreat is that it is different. We have only one expectation from you - understand that different is just different - embrace the new. We want you to be open to the possibilities of what the future of such retreats as well as the future of our entity could be like - starting from this retreat.

An important thing to note is that this retreat is not a 'closing experience' for the current class, for you have 2 months more to go in your term - nor is this a 'training meeting' for the new class.

The primary objective of this retreat is to bring together the learnings of the current class & abilities of the new class to craft the future of AIESEC United States and each LC in the coming.

This is the space where we build the National Plan for 2016 - which is the starting ground for every LC's 2016 plans.

Arrival & Departure:

Arrival at the venue has to be before the agenda starts on Day 1 - 11 AM.

Agenda ends at 9 PM on Sunday night. Accommodation is provided for Sunday night. You may leave after 9 PM or early morning on Monday.

It is recommended to make your travel plans according to the start and end timings. The agenda is in a close knit flow and missing the start of the agenda will affect your overall experience at the retreat.

Getting To Venue & Other Logisitics:

All of this information can be found on the website above. OC contacts can be found on the website as well.
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1. Preparing Your Members Before RoKS

Your delegates (Especially the newly recruited members) won't gain as much out of RoKS if they do not come to RoKS with a basic understanding of the organization and their function. For the same, Natalie had sent out a checklist last week, listing down the minimums that every member needs to know before coming to RoKS.

Make sure that your members know this before they come to RoKS: CLICK HERE.

2. Leading Your Delegation At RoKS

Your delegation's experience at RoKS can make or break your winter peak. Keep checking on their learning and experience at the conference. Your RoKS delegation can be your winter peak's star performers & hence need your attention as their leader.

3. Owning & Leading Your Region

At RoKS, you will be expected to prepare and deliver a space to your entire region (You will know about this once you go to the conference). This is not an obligation, but a responsibility. By doing this well, you can motivate your entire region to work in a collaborative manner and achieve more than ever before.

4. Following Up After RoKS

The best thing to do after RoKS is to host an LCM/LC Day to take everyone in the LC through the RoKS journey and create a specific action plan for winter peak achievement. This will also be the best time for you to launch any kind of LC campaign or movement.
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Big news! Remember the steering team?

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Here's What They Have In Store For Transition:

The steering team has prepared the ultimate LCP transition agenda for the next class. What's better is - they will be delivering this agenda to your successors!

The steering team is hosting a series of transition webinars with the new class of LCPs from 15th October to 30th October so that every new LCP is transitioned before the retreat with the same resources! :)

So all you have to do is make sure your successor is attending the webinars listed below (all hosting links will be provided on the facebook group prior to the webinar!)
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What If My Successor Is Not Elected Before The Webinars Start?

No worries! All the webinars will be recorded and stored for them to check later! :)

So Do I Have No Role To Play In Transition?

That's not true! Even if your successor is transitioned on the above topics by the steering team, there are still a lot of things that you need to transition your successor on personally. Here is a (minimum) list of the topics you need to do personal transition on:

1. LC History
2. LC Finances
3. LC Membership & Culture
4. LC Documents & Resources
5. LC Board Management
6. LC University Relations
7. Personal Learnings

You will be your successor's guide & consultant throughout their transition process. Be available for all their questions & concerns about what's awaiting them! :)

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Communication & The Importance Of "Asking"

Your relationship with your coach must be organic & free-flowing to a great extent. Coaching is not limited to a call or two per month. Nor is it limited to exchanging an email when something goes wrong.

MC Rise really wants to encourage you to reach out to not just your coach, but the whole team more often and 'ask' for a conversation when you feel its necessary. We want coaching communication to be two way - which means you that if you need more clarity, more support, more understanding, feedback on a project or any other thing - ASK! :)
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Process For Physical Training & Coaching Visits

If you wish to have any MC member of NTP Trainer visit your LC, you must request it HERE so that the MC can go over the request and suggest the best trainer/coach for you at the moment.
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The month of October is our chance to really #MakeItMove (in the words of the glorious Ms. Cyrus) - that is if we want to make winter peak happen. It hasn't really been done before but I'm not really sure why.

So, this month we'll be looking to see which region can #MakeItMove the most. We'll be showcasing the relative growth in exchange, conversion, and IXP!! Each MC member will be working to support one of the regions to really #MakeItMove.

IXP is special because it is one of our surest (and simplest ways) to #MakeItMove. And there's a lil bit of cash money attached to the LC who matches 10 members first and the LC who has the most matches in the month of October (that's a chance to win up to $1000). The cash money can be used for EP development, summer IXP initiatives, and other EP engagement projects. Don't worry we'll help you figure out something cool to invest in.

Did you know...

That 80% of our members are interested in going abroad but only 7% have already gone abroad?

(Talent Management Space, Podio)

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And that 336 people who applied to be members want to do a GCDP this winter?

(National Recruitment Space, Podio)

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Also in case you were wondering, Colombia has some TNs that are 5 wks physical and 1 wk virtual (yes, you heard right). Plus, there's TNs in South Africa with Red Cross (how cool is that?!?)

If we want to have a party in the USA in December, we need to #MakeItMove now.

Stay tuned on Facebook for updates on how your region is doing all throughout October. And don't forget, October is the month to #MakeItMove

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