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  • Great new college videos.
  • Super interesting Storyworks passages.
  • FUNBRAIN math games that you won't want to stop playing.
  • Kid President actually meets President Obama!
  • Learn all about the man who wrote Skeleton Man.
  • Bill Nye anyone???
  • Also, when you've finished checking out all those amazing features... look around the newsletter for a Thanksgiving treat from your teachers!

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5th Graders Sing Ohio State Fight Song

Check out this video about Autumn at Norwich University. Go Cadets!!!

Autumn is a busy time at Norwich University

Watch the amazing Ohio State marching band! Seriously, you need to see this!

Ohio State Marching Band "Hollywood Blockbusters" Themed Halftime Show vs Penn State - 10/26/13

Watch this video to learn about how the University of Tenessee's own mascot, Smokey, recovers from an injury.

Smokey's Rehab

Did you like last month's pep talk?

Now that you've had a pep talk, check out this video. The Kid President meets President Obama!

Kid President meets the President of the United States of America

Great Thank You for our Veterans!

Thank You Soldiers - Veteran's Day/Memorial Day Song

Orphan Train

Click here to read the Storyworks selection Orphan Train.

Click below listen to the storyworks selection Orphan Train.

Original Orphan Train Advertisement

This ad ran in the Tecumseh Chieftain, a Nebraska newspaper on July 8, 1893.

Orphan Train Video

The Orphan Train HD

How Coyote Stole Fire

Read How Coyote Stole Fire below!

Looking for a little Greek Mythology? Who isn't??? Find some below.

Read Prometheus below!!!

Simile and Metaphore Review Below!

Point of View

Narrative Point of View

FUNBRAIN 5th grade math games below!

Pearson Math Review

Click here if you need a little homework help, or if you'd like to review what we've been learning!


More math practice... Doesn't practice make perfect???

Love Skeleton Man??? Learn more about the Author, Joseph Bruchac, below! Guess what? He grew up near here!

You know you can't get enough information about cells! Awesome Bill Nye video below!

7A - Cells - Bill Nye the Science Guy

Keeseville Elementary Link Below! All of the schedules, information, bus note templates, and great information you could ask for!

Now... just because you are awesome, a Thanksgiving favorite from your fifth grade teachers. Enjoy!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (full)