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Here are some suggested tools to start the year...

Remind (formerly Remind 101)

Remind 101 has changed to Remind. With the change, your experience as a teacher is much better and makes you more efficient.

Some updates include:

  • You can attach files to the text (permission notes, forms, etc)
  • You can select specific people to text.
  • Not an update, but you can send out links to resources for parents (Smores, Google Docs/Forms, Animoto, or ANY thing with a link).

If you are new to Remind, click here for some resources.

Click here for some videos on using Remind.

Tip: Have this ready and available for meet the teacher.

Add a link to your website with the Remind link or info.


Smore allows you to create "flyers" online. You are actually reading one right now. It is a free service and very easy to use. Smores can be used to create lessons or units. Create your weekly/monthly parent newsletter. Students can use it instead of a poster board. Etc, etc, etc,

Tip: Since it is web tool, the link can be shared in an email, on a website, through Remind (see above), in a Tweet, or QR codes.

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.

Click here for ClassDojo video resources.


  • ClassDojo has completed some upgrades recently. It allows multiple users on the same class group. (Team teachers can see each class)
  • You can customize the criteria=This could be used for something other than "conduct." You could use it for Guided Reading standards, competencies, etc.

Diigo (Dee-go)

Are you overwhelmed with the bombardment of information and ideas you find online? Do you have 100s of bookmarks/favorites, and you can't ever remember them? If so, Diigo is an answer to those issues. How does it work?

  • You find a site with info you want to remember.
  • Use the Diigo extension (in Chrome) to quickly "bookmark it" (You can also highlight specific information as well).
  • Give it some keyword tags.
  • Put it in a list and "forget" it.

When you need the information/site/article, you do a Google search, and it will also search your Diigo library as well!! There is also a social media nature to Diigo--you can follow others and stay informed as they add resources to their libraries.

Click here to go to the login.

Check with your district tech administrator about getting your district registered for educator accounts. Click here for information on the benefits of a teacher account.

Here is a link to one of the lists I have created regarding Instructional Technology Resources.

Tip: You can create class/group account to manage/assist students in research or projects.

p.s. You are welcome to follow me and collaborate.


Kahoot is a website that allows you to create and deliver quizzes to any type of device. As a teacher, you can insert images into the questions as well as videos. You also control the pace of the quiz and set time limits per questions. Students earn points based on accuracy and the speed at which they respond. Results can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Kahoot is usually a "crowd pleaser." Click here for a short video.


  • Once students get the gist of Kahoot, put the responsibility of creating the questions and answer choices on them. For secondary students, they could email you the information that would allow you to copy and paste to create the quiz.
  • Look in the "public" section of Kahoot to find 225+K of quizzes already made. Just search for your topic of review.

Google Updates

Click here for updates made to "all things Google" over the summer.
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