Albany Times

September 18th 1857

The Industrial revolution is in action

There has been rapid growth in using machines for manufacturing and production! Jobs are opening in the North East, and goods are being produced in the textile industry. Families are welcome! Necessities are already payed for! Show up and earn money! You ask who is hiring? Samuel Slater of course, he is a skilled mechanic who has started to improve the textiles are manufactured in the U.S. Because of Slater's in inventions and bravery he has inspired other Americans to start making other textile mills. But Slater can’t take all the credit thanks to the wonderful Eli Whitney He has made this possible by coming up with interchangeable parts Because of this invention we are able to make machines parts much faster and easier. This invention also has sped up the use of mass production.

Working conditions in the textile mills were poor.

what hath god wrought?

I’m sure you’re wondering can this be true? Are messages really able to be sent hundreds of miles to be decoded on the other side, the answer is yes, the first telegraph message was sent on May 24, 1844 and it said “What hath God wrought?” It was successfully sent and received. However, this is not the only recent advance in technology, our factories are switching from water power to steam power which will allow us to build them away from rivers hopefully leading to advances in business. The last changes we are experiencing is eased labor on farms, some new products that are being produced are John Deere with his steel plow, and Cyrus McCormick with his mechanical reaper. Home inventions are changing to, ice boxes create storage for items that need to keep cool. With these new inventions who can tell what technology is possible in the far, or near, future.

The first telegraph sends the message "what hath god wrought?".

Samuel Slater allowing women and families jobs for low pay

Slater has recently began giving jobs to young unmarried women.This is called the Lowell system. Many are not complaining because women could use the extra money. Another way to get money is the Rhode island system who give jobs to families and children for pay. But the Rhode island system isn't so great, recently more people have started coming to work in america so wages for workers are go down. People have formed unions because of the fear for job loses. Not only are workers struggling but also women, because women are working long hours and given little breaks. But do you think this is right? Do you think the Lowell system or Rhode island system is wrong or right? Write to us explaining your thoughts to be featured in next month's issue.

Samuel Slater hired families and women to work in his mills.

Steamboats in the U.S , transportation revolution

What’s that noise I hear? Is it a steamboat coming down the river, or maybe a train, all these new modes of transportation are carrying goods and people. This is the start of the transportation revolution, new ways of transportation are finally being developed and used. What’s different than than before is the speed, cost and efficiency. All the travel you’ve taken that lasted days or maybe even weeks could be cut in half with the speed of these new trains, railroad tracks will be connecting all the major cities for fair prices. Or if you live in a smaller city, there must be a river somewhere close! In this case you might want to consider taking a steamboat to another city, that will also have a great price-plus your goods will also ship for a much lower price!

Steamboats float down rivers carrying people and goods.