Water Borne Illnesses

Information & Prevention

Some symptoms from these illnesses

Animal water borne diseases


- Signa and symptoms

- Fever

- Vomiting

- Loss of appetite

- Weakness

- Stiffness

- Causes

- Polluted lakes, rivers, streams

- Dog urine

- Risks

- Non-filtered water

- Dog owners

- Dogs

- Prevention

- Don't consume un-filtered water

- Protective clothing

Protista water borne diseases


- Symptomsand signs

- Abdominal cramps

- Bloating

- Nausea

- Watery diarrhea


-Can be transmitted through food and person-to-person contact

-People at risk

- Children are more likely to come in contact with feces, especially if they wear diapers, are toilet training or spend time in a child care center

- People who live or work with small children also are at higher risk of developing giardia infection

- People without access to safe drinking water

-Ways to Prevent Contracting Giardia

- Wash your hands

- Purify wilderness water

- Try not to swallow water when swimming in pools, lakes or streams

- Use bottled water when traveling to parts of the world where the water supply is likely to be unsafe


- Symptoms and Signs

- Watery diarrhea

- Abdominal cramps

- Dehydration

- Nausea

- Vomiting

- Fever

- Weight loss

- Loss of appetite

- Causes

- Spread from person to person after the parasites are shed into the environment; they may be found in soil, food, water, or on surfaces that have been contaminated with feces from infected humans or animals

- People at Risk

- Children in day-care centers

- Child-care workers

- Parents with infected children

- International travelers, backpackers, hikers and campers who drink unfiltered or untreated water

- Swimmers who swallow water from contaminated sources

- Individuals who handle infected cattle

- Ways to Prevent Contracting Cryptosporidiosis

- Washing your hands often with soap and water

- Avoid touching farm animals

- Avoid touching the stool of pets

- Be careful when swimming in lakes, rivers, or pools, and when using hot tubs

- Wash and/or cook your food

- Drink safe water

- Take extra care when traveling

Bacteria water borne diseases


- Symptoms and Signs

- Bloody diarrhea

- Abdominal cramping, nausea and vomiting may occur

- Fever

- lasts about 1-3 days, unlikely to last more

- Causes

- The bacteria can spread from an infected person to contaminate water or food, or directly to another person.

- Risks

- Children, especially between the ages of 2-4

- Living in housing with lots of people and activities, visiting a place where lots of people participate in an activity

- living or traveling to places that lack sanitation

- Preventions

- wash hands frequently and carefully

- have little to no contact with an ill person that has diarrhea

- avoid swallowing water from ponds, lakes, or untreated pools

E-coli (Escherichia coli)

- Symptoms and signs

- Diarrhea, which can range from watery to bloody

- Stomach pain, cramping or tenderness

- Nausea and vomiting may occur

- Usually lasts 5-10 days

- Causes

- contaminated water in lakes, rivers, streams

- feces in contaminated swimming pools

- Risks

- Young children and older adults

- June-September

- Low stomach acid levels

- Preventions

- Thoroughly wash your hands

- Drink purified water