Bird is the Word

This is What's STATpening

Happy New Year!

Faculty Meeting 1/11


  • Tips and reminders


  • What does PARCC look like in K-5
  • How can we practice PARCC in my classroom

Vertical Planning 1/12

Please look at the Vertical Planning Sub Schedule sent to you on 1/8 to see if there are any conflicts. Subs are provided for you (thanks Kayla)!

The Padlet for ideas is still accessible above.

Devices are optional for this meeting.

Appy Hour 1/14

Would love to chat about:

  • BCPSOne refreshers
  • Office Mix
  • Edmodo: Standards-based meaningful independent work
  • Anything you would like to look at!

Passport Teacher Visit 1/15 AM

We will have 10-15 teachers from Passport schools visiting to see our student-centered learning and digital integration.

Looking ahead...Professional Study Day 1/19

Tentative Schedule

9:00- 9:30 Faculty Breakfast


  • Math teachers will be meeting Jordan (primary) or Emily (intermediate)
  • ELA teachers will be meeting with Amy, Deana, and Nicole

-Schedule to follow


  • Optional MAP refresher


  • Lunch
  • Grading and reporting

Lighthouse Visit to Church Lane ES


  • Evidence of cohesive small groups
  • Meaningful independent work based on theme or topic in the current unit
  • Classroom management ideas for students not on task with devices: lose privilege of seating choice
  • Student as the facilitator of a small group

There was a lot of discussion around whether our STAT message is being conveyed to all of our stakeholders correctly (not just about the devices!!); Most, least, and middle effectiveness of small groups, & most, least, and middle effectiveness of digital integration.

Looking for something FRESH to do in 2016?

Lesson Studies

Many of us have expressed interest in doing a Lesson Study within the grade levels. Any grade level want to get serious and do it?! It can get you some pointtssssss.

Please let me know if this is something you would like to do. Its a great professional development opportunity and always fun to see other teachers teach.

Mystery Skype

I have some takers...Terri and Tressa will be doing a Mystery Skype within the next month or two. It can be as involved or least involved as you want it to be and we will co-plan it together and I will come in to get it started. It's a cool concept!

Genius Hour

In the simplest form...

  • Kids post their questions (about anything), what they wonder, what they are curious about...
  • Teacher may or may not group "like" interests together depending on if the students want to collaborate
  • Students research their topics using Digital Content
  • Student choose a project (newspaper article, flip book, brochure, Wixie template, PPT, etc) to present their new knowledge with

Grading and Reporting Dates

January 15th

  • Last day of the quarter

January 19th DAY

  • Teachers work on entering grades into BCPSOne, STARS, and report card comments

****January 19th at 5:00 PM****

  • Content grades MOVE from BCPSONE to STARS in grades 3-5 (2nd grade will still enter them into STARS)
  • This makes no sense to me as we are working on report cards during the day. If anything changes, I will let you know.

February 1st

  • Make sure a grade member reviews your grades and comments for errors.
  • Report cards do not need to be turned into the office.

WIXIE single sign on PILOT

Next week you will have a Wixie icon pop up on the students' devices. Students can access Wixie directly through this icon. I will let you know when this is officially pushed out to students. Any feedback from this single-sign-on will be appreciated!

Headphone Inventory for MAP Testing

Please start taking an inventory of the number of headphones you might need for MAP testing. We need that information to redistribute and possible purchase more headphones. Thank you!