My Smore

Everything I learned in class

Odd mom Out (Novels)

Odd Mom Out was a novel that I never would have read outside of class. It was a book that I really enjoyed, and I am glad that I have read it. This book shows how hard it is to be a single mother. This mom has these dreams for her business . She had activities that she liked to do. but she gives them up for her daughter. I have learned from this novel that when it comes to your child, you will do whatever it takes to make them happy. It does not matter if it inconveniences you later down the road you just try your best to get it done.

Psycho (Movie)

Psycho is a movie of what not to do when it comes to being a mom. Norma Bates does a very poor job of raising her son. She just does not let him branch out and get some independence that children need in their lives. This movie has taught me that I need to give my children some space. That if I try to hold them too close, it might hurt them later on in life. I also liked the fact that this movie was an option. I would not have thought it would have been a pick for this class, but it was much appreciated to watch something different.
Psycho Trailer

The Feminine Mystique

While there were many projects that we did that made me very glad to be a guy, I think this was the one when I felt the most glad. During this time, I (as a man) would not have had to worry about these kinds of feelings that these women were having. I am glad that we have advanced a lot towards a gender neutral society at least in this county. While I know there is still discrimination of race and sex we have made vast improvements in the past fifty years.


I like how this project fit with what we were learning about with The Feminine Mystique. You could see how things changed as people did different magazines from the different times. It seems as if there was some stuff straightt out of the book and into the magazine. It was also interesting seeing how things changed as time passed. For me, being a guy, it was not really about the product they were selling or what articles they were talking about. It was more of how the advertisement strategies changed over time or different ways they would present an article.


From most of the news stories, we have seen that it seems that moms are not represented very well. It feels like for most of the stories, that mom is just put into the title just to get people to read. There are many times when it has mom in the title, and the mom is talked for two sentences. While there are a few positive stories that include mothers, most of the stories are very negative. I guess this should not be surprising since I know news media will do whatever it takes to sell a story, yet it still kind of surprises me. We have watched a couple videos this year that give moms/dads the recognition they deserve. I hope these videos get popular and take moms in the media to a more positive place.

Why moms get NOTHING DONE


It seem to me that mom's are normally used for advertisements for very stereotypical mom things. There are many TV commercials of moms cleaning the house, doing dishes or laundry. Normally the man is causing the mess in the commercials rather then helping. There are moms in other commercials, but for most of them they don't really stick out. I think one of the few commercials that sticks out is the Old Spice commercials (one that I used for my project). While this commercial is different, it does not exactly put moms in a positive light.
Old Spice TV Ad 2014 - Mom Song


Doing the survey was very interesting for me because of the responses that I received after sending them. Most of my mom's friends seemed very surprised by the things we asked. I felt like a few of them in particular learned things from our survey questions. The Disney moms survey is the one that seemed to have the most discussion. My mom, in particular, did not realize how few moms are in Disney films. A not so great side effect from the survey is that now more people than I would have liked, know I am in a Motherhood class.


Back in the day, there were many good TV moms. For example, June Cleaver and Carol Brady. Now it seems like news media shares many similar traits with TV when it comes to moms. Bad moms just sell better then good moms. Many of the bad mothers are on reality TV. So most of the good moms are on scripted TV shows which makes it less real.


When you first presented the question what songs do you know that have moms in them, I could only think of two. Both of the songs I thought of represented mothers very poorly. I was kind of surprised how few moms were represented in music. It seemed to me that artists are inspired by many things. I thought that moms would inspire them to write music . I think that maybe moms are represented in more songs than we know, it might just not be explicitly said in the lyrics. I was also surprised to find a song that was actually made by a band I like. The music I listen to is not very popular, so I was very excited to listen to and use this song.

"Thank you, mom" - Good Charlotte

Disney Films

I have had past classes talk about Disney mothers, but I had not realized how bad it represents mothers until this class. I always just figured there were a couple of more moms in the movies. While I am not surprised by the fairy tale stories, like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, because that is how fairy tales have always portrayed women. It was also interesting to find out what happened to Walt Disney's mother. This has taught me to keep a better eye on what my future kids will be watching.
Dead Disney Moms | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Children and Teens books

It really surprised me how little I can remember moms in the books I used to read when I was a kid. The only one I can really remember was, The Giving Tree, but even if the tree seemed like a mom it really wasn't. I honestly thought moms would be represented more in children's books, considering the moms are the ones buying the books most of the time. I will say that it seems like father and mothers are not many children's books.

Letter to my future son

Dear Son (Because I don't want girls)

I want you to know, that after this class, if I have learned anything it is that I am not ready to be a parent just yet. Someday I will be ready , but that time has just not come yet. When I am ready, I will try to be the best parent I can be. Don't get me wrong, I am going to make mistakes. I just hope they are not as bad as the mistakes we have seen in this class on the news stories. I promise that I will never drop you in a cheetah pit, and I think that is a promise I can keep. I really hope you don't judge me by being in a Motherhood class, which if I raise you the right way, I won’t have to worry about that. I hope that I can give you everything you need, but not everything you want. There will times that you might think that I am being unfair. There will also be times where that is probably be true. At the end of the day, just know that I will always love you, and I am just looking out for your best interests.

Love your father,

William Dallas Bransom III aka Trey

P.S. Also, if you happen to be a daughter, I will still love you. It will just put more stress on me and take about five years off my life. Also for my daughter the unfair thing especially applies to you.