Chapter 9 Vocab

Asia DeShay

Cultural Regions

A region with a specific culture


Most people in the Middle East speak Arabic, and are Muslim.

Functional Region

A region that is made up of different places, but is still linked together.


The United States of America is a united region, because the regions are split up into states, but they are still connected.

Perceptual Region

A region that is based on a perception.


Some people in the northern part of America may think that people in the south are cowboys

Middle East

An area between Africa and Asia.


The Middle East has Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Oman.

Latin America

A region in the Americas that speak Romance languages.


Latin America contains Mexico, and countries of South America.

Panama Canal

A man made waterway in Pamana.


The Panama Canal connects the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea.

Sub Saharan Africa

The area in Africa that is south of The Sahara Desert.


Sub Saharan Africa includes, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Mali.


A group of islands in the Pacific Ocean.


Oceania includes Australia, Guam, Fiji, Tonga, and Guam.

Southeast Asia

The south eastern part of Asia.


This place includes Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.