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Beginning of the Year Reading Assessments

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are so excited that our school year is off to a fantastic start.

We have just completed our mCLASS DIBELS assessment. This diagnostic system is used for all students, grades K-3 in North Carolina Public Schools. This is based on the Read to Achieve legislation, which requires students, in grades K-3, to be assessed with a formative, diagnostic reading assessment system provided by the State Board of Education. mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition assessment is a means for teachers to collect data used to guide and inform instruction every day. The assessment, along with teacher observations, anecdotal notes, and other data, provides the teacher with insight on the effectiveness of their instruction, as well as each student’s progress toward reading proficiency.

What skills are measured?

  • Letter Naming Fluency (LNF)—ability to recognize and name capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • Phonemic Segmentation Fluency (PSF)-ability to separate words into their sequence of individual sounds
  • Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF)— ability to identify complete letter sounds (CLS) and blend letter sounds in whole words read (WWR)
  • Oral Reading Fluency (ORF)- ability to read connected text fluently and with accuracy
  • Maze—ability to construct meaning from text using word recognition skills to measure the reasoning processes that constitute comprehension.

Thank you for all you do to support us every day.

***** Third Grade Parents, please make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of this flyer to read about how RTA impacts your child!


Your MGSD Curriculum Team

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When will I receive the mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition scores?

Home connect letters are sent home at BOY, MOY, and EOY. These letters help to explain where your student's strengths are and areas for improvements. The letter is two pages. The second page provides activities that your student would benefit from doing at home on a regular basis. The scores are indicated by the icon of the running child. The placement of the running child indicates where your student is, and the level of support they require.

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Learn How to Help At Home Below

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Resource for Parents Helping Kids with Comprehension

A great resource to help your child at home with reading!

Carolina Panthers “3rd & Goal Read Along”

The Carolina Panthers “3rd & Goal Read Along” video series is a free resource for classroom teachers and parents. The program is designed to encourage a love of reading for students in K-3 with the goal of helping students develop grade level reading proficiency skills by the end of 3rd grade. The series features Panthers players and special guests reading popular Scholastic book titles in a fun “read along” style for students to follow.

Click here to check it out!

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What are the five Good Cause Exemptions?

  • Limited English Proficient students with less than two school years of instruction in an English as a Second Language program.
  • Students with disabilities, as defined in G.S. 115C-106.3(1), and whose individualized education program indicates (i) the use of the NCEXTEND1 alternate assessment, (ii) at least a two school year delay in educational performance, or (iii) receipt of intensive reading interventions for at least two school years.
  • Students who demonstrate reading proficiency appropriate for third grade students on an alternative assessment approved by the State Board of Education. (725 Lexile on DIBELS: MAZE)
  • Students who demonstrate, through a student reading portfolio, reading proficiency appropriate for third grade students. Student reading portfolio and review processes used by local school administrative units shall be approved by the State Board of Education.
  • Students who have (i) received reading intervention and (ii) previously been retained more than once in kindergarten, first, second, or third grades.