timothy shay athur

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Timothy shay athur

Timothy was born june 6th 1809 and he dead march 6th 1885 he was a athur and he married Eliza Alden in 1836 and had seven kids he lived on a farm in orange county

Timothys reason to become a reformer

in 1840 he wrote a series of newspaper articles on the washingtonain tempreance society,a local organizantion formed by working-class artisan and mechanics to counter the life-ruining effects of drink. the articles were widely reprinted and helped fuel the establishment of washingtontians (1842) six nights went through mant editions and helped establish arthurs in the publics eye as an author associated with the temperance movement

the most famous book ever wrote by timothy was

ten nights in a bar a room and there will be a pic of it below if you want too see the cover of it
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