Futures W.A.G (Week at a Glance)


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The Week's Events:

Monday, November 10

  • SRI test (Closes 11/14) Grades 2-5 use Chrome Book cart
  • 10:00am Colleen T. Cover for Leesa: Brian Leesa David R. Math meeting
  • 3:05-4:05 Faculty Meeting (Restorative Justice) Portable C
  • 4:30pmSchool Site Council 4:30-5:15 portable C

Tuesday, November 11

  • Building open 9-4 if you would like to come in
  • NO SCHOOL teachers or students for VETERANS' DAY

Wednesday, November 12

  • Farmer Market On Campus: Classes welcome
  • SRI test (Closes 11/14) Grades 2-5 use Chromebook cart
  • Caring Schools Communities after lunch
  • 9:30amPortable A: Rachel and Brian meet with Peacemakers using feedback from teachers and office

Thursday, November 13

  • Puberty Talks on Thursday 11/13 for Grade Five: Will have schedule on Monday (need to talk to nurse)
  • SRI test (Closes 11/14) Grades 2-5 use Chrome book cart
  • 9:00amRachel @ Tilden (9:00-11:00 )
  • 10:00am COST in 214
  • 12:50pm Grades two /Three Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )
  • 1:00pm Fire Drill

Friday, November 14

Parent Cafe 8:30

  • SRI test LAST DAY: next week make ups
  • 12:50pm Grades Four/Five Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )

Thank you Mary for the above video.

A Definition: The "Futures Way" :

The "Futures Way" is to do whatever it takes to build up our students and their families for academic and social success.

Shout Outs!!!

Thank you sunshine committee for organizing Cato's event!

Reflection on what went well last week (school-wide)

Our walkthrough team with Sondra Aguilera observed: schedules and objectives posted and students independently reading.


The hallway started to get a little hectic around 1:00. Please see my separate email about bathroom use.

Deliverable(s) for the week

Substitute folder: Please have one ready to give to Evodia .

PLC during Fitness

Rachel or Brian will visit you at PLC to check in about progress monitor binder.

Instructional Tips

Please see this great website OUSD had put together on balanced literacy :


Behavioral Tips

Don't give extra chances. I caught myself saying this at lunch : "Table ___ you know I will have to turn your cone to yellow if you are not at level 2!" Why is that wrong? If the expectation is level 2, I should have just changed their cone right away. Otherwise there will be 10 steps on my hierarchy!

NO Wednesday PD this week. Suggestion: see if you need to test SRI on anyone absent. You could get them from after school program.