Mrs. Nutt's Newsletter

Austin Elementary

Our Week In Review

Week of January 13 - 17

Language Arts

*practice writing lower case letters: p, r, n, m

*Word Wall Words - would, make, like, him and into

*write a "how to" on building a snowman

*spell words with the ai and ay vowel pattern

*Thinking Map - Tree Map

*Making Words Lesson - sunlight

We are reading...

*The Biggest, Best Snowman

*Sadie and the Snowman


*Whatever the Weather

*I Can Read About Weather

*What Will The Weather Be Like Today?


*relate addition to subtraction

*solve math story problems

*review fact famiies

*Math Game - Bump and Jump


*identify kinds of weather

*record changes in the weather

*understand that wind is moving air

*water cycle

*identify types of clouds

Upcoming Events

*Library books are due on Thursdays.

*January 20 - School Holiday

At Austin Elementary, we are driven to unlock the passion and cultivate the uniqueness inherent in every learner.