Eli Parker's School Update

I have a lot of nice friends and good family.

My friends are Connor Jones, E.J Valdepena, Kaia Tupinio, Colston Martinez, Isaiah Metzdorf, Chase Quinn, Kody Doan, and Xavier Kahube.

School Update

I think I am doing pretty good in school my grades are in Facs I have an A, in PE I have an A-, in computer lit I have an A, in social studies I have a C, in science I have a B+, in Math I have a B, in ELA I have a C+.

My Hobbies

My hobbies outside of school are playing basketball, baseball, and football. My hobbies in school are doing Math and Science.

Career Day

The things I am going to see at career day is I am going to see an army sergeant, police officer, and firefighter. I might ask what a typical day for an army sergeant is. Also I might ask a firefighter if both women and men can do their job.

Current Grades

My grades are mostly A's and B's with 2 C's.