Friday Happy Hour!

Friday January 16, 2015

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Hi Golden Gems!
I am still pinching myself from last weekend's experience traveling to San Francisco for Stella & Dot's Director's Retreat. I was inspired beyond measure in so many ways! I re-connected with old friends, I sipped champagne at the Ritz Carlton, I walked through Jessica Herrin's home (including her master bedroom and closet!!), and I was reminded that anything is possible with this company. So many women were featured over the weekend-- women who tripled their income, women who set incredible goals like holding 100 shows in a year and did it, women who doubled their team size, women who got out of debt, women who gained independence and more. I cried many happy tears while there. I am still processing everything that I learned and will continue to trickle it down to all of you.

And the new collection-- seriously--- it is our BEST ONE EVER!! A second box of samples just arrived at my house and I promised myself that I wouldn't open it until I wrote all of you!

This week, I have been slowly coming down from CLOUD 9 and re-evaulating some systems and goals. I am working to be back on track within the week. In the meantime, it is back to the basics for all of us. Nothing happens within Stella & Dot without trunk shows-- so that is my focus and it should be yours too!

Let's move along to some kudos, prize winners and challenges for the week!



Flash incentive Winners!

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Getting ourselves back on the saddle for booking trunk shows isn't always easy after the holidays. We lose our routine and sometimes fall into a post-holiday slump. My experience has shown me that if I treat JANUARY like any other month, then it will be any other month. But truthfully, I have not been prospecting for shows regulary so need to do some major catch-up! Kudos to these ladies who boogie on down and did some booking this week! The following Golden Gems booked shows for Jan or Feb:

Nandini Collins booked 2/8 (and 3/22)
Lassie Pappas booked 2/5 with a new group of women!
Nicole Dilger booked 1/23
Angie Dorey booked her double dip show for 1/25-- LOVE the theme "Launch & Look!"
Natalie DeLaurentis booked 2/7
Amy Vincent booked a Jan & Feb show
Katina Byram booked Feb 22
Christina Kearney booked Jan 24 AND Jan 31--that is 4 raffle tickets!!

Drum roll please!! And winner of $50 in product credit goes to LASSIE PAPPAS and KATINA BYRAM!! Congrats ladies! Email me your $50 choice (


Did you see my post on our team Facebook page about this great article on goal setting? I promise you'll love it too! Read the article and watch my video.
Back from director's retreat!
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Check in chats!

I am re-working my coaching call schedule moving scheduled calls to Tuesday. Another nugget that I was reminded about from Director's Retreat is that Monday should be about personal business. I have reached out the gals with whom I currently chat with regularly. We chat either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. These 20-30 minutes focused chats are available to anyone from either me or your immediate upline or both.

Please know that I am available for regular calls or just a check-in whenever needed. I will e-mail the group that I currently chat with separately, but if you want in on a regular or occasional phone call with me-- let me know! You have my email:

Get yourselves registered for a Spring Rally in your local rally!

Need to get inspired? Want to see the new Spring line in person?

Head to the EVENTS section (under TOOLS & RESOURCES) in the Stylist Lounge for a Spring rally local to you! Area leaders will be debuting the entire new Spring Line!

All Spring rallies, like all monthly meet ups, are OPEN to ANY stylist regardless of where your upline leader resides. Half of my Lancaster meeting is women who are not on our team and that is another beauty of Stella & Dot-- no territories but we can still get local support!

Local gals-- RSVP to join me in Lancaster, PA for my event!
Everyone else-- find out near YOU!


Our team sold nearly $700,000 in 2014!! AMAZING!! An incredible applause for our entire Golden Gems team, because whether you sold 1 bracelet or 100-- you contributed to this team effort!!

A special HIGH FIVE to the below gals for being TOP 20 for our ENTIRE TEAM!!

  1. Gina Bogda $ 85,668.72 Lititz PA
  2. Pamela Meester $ 55,502.72 St. John's NL
  3. Nandini Collins $ 47,480.12 Wayne NJ
  4. Gail Cushing $ 41,490.20 New Providence NJ
  5. Leslie Saunders $ 33,634.66 Grand falls Windsor NL
  6. Melanie Fink $ 27,543.10 Lancaster PA
  7. Michele Brennan $ 26,139.78 Madison NJ
  8. Gretchen McDonel $ 25,748.76 Harrisburg PA
  9. Karen Evanoff $ 20,429.31 Lemoyne PA
  10. Christine Gaccione $ 19,212.57 Wayne NJ
  11. Jennifer LaGrasso $ 18,603.64 Whippany NJ
  12. Ashley Martz $ 17,119.72 Harrisburg PA
  13. Lassie Pappas $ 16,078.91 Hampstead MD
  14. Janine Stanley $ 14,422.18 St. John's NL
  15. Jillian Wells $ 13,665.26 Rockaway NJ
  16. Kelly Palmquist $ 13,339.96 Landisville PA
  17. Denise Daunt $ 12,105.00 West Orange NJ
  18. Katina Byram $ 11,627.61 Livingston NJ
  19. Natalie DeLaurentis $ 11,159.91 Ridgefield CT
  20. Millie Pampaloni $ 10,631.78 Basking Ridge NJ

Stay tuned on our team facebook page for more incentives this week!

As always, reach out to me with any questions!