Preschoolers and Responsibility

By: Gaby Pena

Show Responsibility

One way to help your preschooler to show responsibility is to set an example. Children usually learn from an example. They are much more likely to do as you do then to do as you say. You shouldn't tell your child to be more responsible, you should be able to show him/her how its done.

Assign responsibility

Assign a preschooler some responsibility. There is no certain age at which children suddenly “become” responsible. They learn about being responsible like the same way they learn to walk and talk. For an example, preschoolers can begin taking responsibility for putting their dirty clothes in dirty clothes baskets and putting their toys away after playing with them.

Choices and Consequences

Teach your preschooler about choices and consequences. A big part of learning to be responsible involves learning to make good choices. You can help your child learn about responsible decision-making by showing them with plenty of chances to practice making good choices.

Be firm

You have to be firm and consistent with your child to teach them how to show responsibility. Study has shown that the parents of successful, responsible children are consistent in what they do. Rules are in a consistent manner.Children will test you to find the limits.