Team 5 Newsletter

November 18th-22nd


Welcome to the Team 5 newsletter! We will be sending this out weekly. In here you will find what each core class is doing each week and any other information we really want you all to know. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Alana Bucholtz (WG):

Jeff Storms (LA):

Brittney Littrel (M):

Liza Russell (S):

Cathy Bowen (SPED):

This Week

NEW Hall Pass Procedure

JCMS is starting a new Hall Pass Procedure. If your Student has Lost their school issued planner they may purchase one in the office for $5 OR They may bring a planner from home to use - student must designate an area in their planner for passes. Students are allotted 10 passes a week (2 per day)
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Join us for the 1st annual Snowman Shuffle, Pancake feed, and Vendor Fair

Saturday December 7th Activities Begin 7AM

5K and 1 Mile Fun Run.

Find more information on the Junction City Middle School USD 475 Facebook page

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Please turn in your Outsiders Books to Mr. Storms or the Library


Students will be covering up to mod 2 lesson 9 on Wed. After lesson 9 we have a quiz and quiz corrections. This is subject to change but for now it is the plan.

I have created mailboxes for each class. Each student has a folder where I put all graded work. Every Monday I print out missing assignment sheets so that students always know what they need to complete for me. I also keep all missing assignments in a bin at the front of the room. Students can get what they are missing any time that I am not giving whole class instruction. Please remind your student to check their mailbox.

All of the lessons notes will be added to schoology as we finish each lesson. If you or your student have any questions please email me at and I will do my best to answer questions in a timely manner, also if your student is confused with one problem have them circle it and ask about it in class the next day. I hope you all have a great week =).

Language Arts

Monday- "Monsters" incident report

Tuesday - "Monsters" incident report

Wednesday- "Monsters" MEAL Paragraph

Thursday -"The Lottery" Prep/ First Read

Friday- "The Lottery"

If you have not turned in your Outsiders Books Please do so.


Students will be investigating in class how conservation of land and soil is important. In the opening activity we will be investigating through simulation how mining processes affect land and what would need to be done to restore the land to its original state? Then we will move on to the impact of using land for agricultural use. We will also do a simulation on how land erosion can be prevented.

Monday- How does mining affect the land inquiry?

Land Use Graph

Tuesday- Teacher will not be in school. An individual work will be assigned through Schoology. Activity (The Lorax-Ecological Inquiry) Wednesday - Preventing Soil Erosion Lab

Thursday- Review/Enrichment of what was learned Friday - Quiz

World Geography

War Week!

This week we will be learning about the alliances and background of WWI, rise of Nazism, WWI and the after effects of both wars. This is how we are leaving Latin America behind and introducing students to our Europe unit.

Foundations Language arts Level B

Foundations Language arts Level B is working on Finding the main idea from Non-Fiction text. Please work with your Students to read and find the most important parts of a story or article.


  1. Students need to bring a charged computer to class every day. This means computers need to be charged every night. Please help students remember to charge them. Thank you.
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Spanish Translation Phone Line

The Spanish phone line is 785-717-4428. Please leave a message as the aides might be in a classroom. We promise your call will be returned within 24 hours.

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