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February 2016 Update

February Snapshot

February has been a busy month in Aussie Fusion with the team hitting New Orleans for our annual Product Experience Conference. This is always valuable time for the product team as we are brought up to date with each global selling partners product strategy. There has been some great things happening particular from Australia where the product strategy has full engagement from all areas within Flight Centre Travel Group. Product range owners are alive and well in most countries where they own destination Australia and are all looking to growing their sales to our great country.

As Flight Centre Global Product we are looking at ways to provide the best possible rates to not only our selling partners but also the consumer. This allows the consumer the choice to use a travel agent and provide them with the level of service and comfort associated with booking their travel this way. We will be (if we haven't already) knocking on your door in regards to connectivity & dynamic rates very soon!

We hope you are enjoying our updates and if there is anything in particular you would like any information on please feel free to contact your product manager.

Tracey Thallon

Destination Leader - Australia


The top 5 regions of growth for bookings made in Feb (based on revenue sales):

TNQ - Up 23%

Islands & Whitsundays - Up 30%

Sydney - Up 20%

Red Centre - Up 18%

Sunshine Coast - Up 35%


Last year you would have noticed we sent out a second word doc attachment for all our contracts, where you needed to sign the 2nd page? Unfortunately it looks like we will need to send this out in its entirety again, due to a missing clause.

You will see an email with further instructions from Luke or Vanessa in the coming weeks, therefore it would be really helpful if you could respond as a matter of priority so we can complete the process before 17/18 contracting commences.


For anyone yet to meet the team - here are some faces you can put to names!

Standing (left to right): Tracey, Hayley, Pat, Michelle, and Angela

Seated (left to right): Vanessa and Luke

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In the past 6 months there has been a significant increase in the number of requests made by hotel partners wishing to close out extended periods of time, particularly over peak travel periods. As a global and growing business we would like to remind our hotel partners that we have our contracted inventory in place to enable our consultants to support and sell into hotels year round, and ask that hotels support us in turn by honoring our contracts.


Dynamic Contracting (REMINDER)

Another exciting development - we now have the ability to contract dynamic rates with hotel partners via a channel manager. This means in addition to our contracted static wholesale rates, we can also sell your dynamic rates and inventory. For more information contact your Product Manager who can discuss the process and answer any queries you may have.

Please note, if you are already working with Quickbeds, this is a different distribution and rooms types need to be added to your channel (not switched from Quickbeds).


Destination Leader: Tracey Thallon

Ph + 61 439 729 024 – tracey_thallon@flightcentre.com

Team Leader: Michelle Sawtell

Ph + 61 7 3181 9516 – michelle_sawtell@flightcentre.com

Destinations - Victoria, Tasmania

Angela Sweeney – Ph +61 7 3181 9583 – angela_sweeney@flightcentre.com

New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory

Coordinator: Luke Hansell - 07 3181 9519 - luke_hansell@flightcentre.com


Pat Eastman – Ph +61 7 3181 9517 – pat_eastman@flightcentre.com

Gold Coast, Norfolk & Lord Howe, QLD Islands & Whitsundays

Hayley Giles – Ph + 61 7 3181 9520 – hayley_giles@flightcentre.com

Tropical North Queensland, Western Australia, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Queensland's Outback

Coordinator: Vanessa Massey - 07 3181 9522 - vanessa_massey@flightcentre.com