National Guard Police Officer

By Justine Mckinney

Job description

Support battlefield operations through circulation control, providing area security, conducting prisoners of war operations, supervising civilian internee operation and carrying out Law & Order operations.

You get paid to learn & qualify for tuition assistance, 10 weeks of basic training. 8 to 12 weeks of Advanced Individual Training.

Salary & Wage per hour. Human contact.

Determined by Rank and Education

Contact (785)-238-3410

Headquarters & State of living

Arlington hall & Arlington County

Augusta, Georgia

Coordinate & Characteristic

33° 28' 24.59" N 82° 00' 37.85" W

Monuments: Freedom Park, Iroquois helicopter at a paintball field

Restaurant: Teresa's Restaurant

Five places of interest

1. Riverwalk

2. Morris Museum of Art

3. Symphony Orchestra

4. Haunted Pillar

5. Scared Heart Cultural Center

Cost of living

Food- $300








Student Loans

Four years 2,486,400

Monthly payment: $286,140

Number of payments: 120