Business Registration in Iceland

The requirements for Iceland business registration are very simple for those who want to start a new business. Any person, including a company or an individual has to apply for a registration in Iceland. Either you can apply to an individual registration, or for an office for corporate purposes. However, there are some important points you need to remember, before filing your documents and information on your Iceland business registration form. Read on to know about them.

Iceland is a member of the European Union, that's why you have to file your documents as if the country is an EU member. Therefore, you have to file your company name in the form of your company name with the designated municipality (the capital). The name of the company, the word "Iceland" and the registration number have to be present on the front and on the back of the form. It is recommended to bring a hard copy with you when you visit Iceland or request documentation from Iceland.

There are additional rules you must follow to establish your business or apply for an Icelandic office. Before you register your business, you must determine its capital value. The capital value is equal to the market price of the most recent sale of the same stock of a company. You must pay a nominal fee of $100 to register your company.

If you are looking forward to opening an office in Iceland, then the process of registering your company also involves paying the fee. After paying the fee, you'll receive a certificate of registration. The office of corporate affairs in Iceland is not able to help you register an Iceland company. Any of the online companies can help you with this.

Registering in Iceland is easy if you are looking to start a business. First, choose one of the available online companies. Fill out the online form and then submit it. In a day or two, you will be informed about the registration as well as the approval of the document by the Icelandic authorities.

The annual reports of registered companies must also be submitted. The report should include details about the activities that were carried out during the previous year. The government keeps these documents as a proof of the financial condition of the Iceland companies. It is important that businesses seek professional assistance in Iceland to register their businesses.