How to be earthquake ready!

By Isai Lopez, Zeke Meza, and David Luna


We all know that earthquakes are dangerous. We are here to tell you how to be earthquake ready. First, we would like to start with a little history about what happened in New Madrid in 1811-1812. "Shortly after 2 o'clock on the morning of December 16,1811, the Mississippi River valley was convulsed by an earthquake so severe that it awakened people in cities as distant at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Norfolk, Virginia." It killed a lot of people and it left many injured. On January 23,1812 a 7.5 earthquake happen in New Madrid around 9:15.

Credit to United States Geological Survey


Before Safety

There are several ways to be prepared and earthquake ready. You are going to have to know how to turn off and on the gas,water and electricity,so you won't get hurt. Don't leave heavy stuff on the top of the shelf. Teach your kids how to get out your house safely. Learn how to use first aid kits,. if you need stuff heavy on top of shelves bolt them to the wall.

During Safety

If you are in the middle of a earthquake, this is some stuff to keep you safe. If you are inside a house or a building, you most likely want to cover yourself under a table. You also want to have a sturdy building that can hold stuff and not fall. If you can get out of the house or building, you would want to stay in a open area and away from trees and phone poles. You also want to stay as calm as possible.

After Safety

After an earthquake, make sure that the gas lines are off and not leaking. Also, check your water lines. Make sure family members are ok. Get your first aid kit and use it if someone needs it. If you're outside, check your house before going in ,but if you're inside move your furniture slowly so you won't hurt yourself or others. Also be careful when you are getting out of the house. Don't make too much movement if you feel like the house is about to fall.