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Nadja On my way

Nadja got accepted to Julliard which is where she went to school. After that she starts to feel faltered, losing self confidence and thinking that she couldn't play the violin good enough. Then she starts playing a piece without knowing it and she does really good. Next She meets up with her friend Cecile Licad and Cecile told her "Don't give up" Which gives her resilience. After that she put her name down for an audition and got accepted. Then she started to practice for thirteen hours a day. She then gets the idea to play her strong piece for the finals. She made it to the finals after playing her weak piece in the semi-finals. At last she plays her strong piece and comes in 1st pace.


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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey used to live in poverty. Which really affected her in a bad way because of not being able to have many things. Oprah also began resolve and wish she was white at the age of six. There was not enough money to afford the minimal comforts of a home. Oprah ran away from home twice. At the age of 10 Oprah became the victim of sexual abuse and she dealt with that abuse in silence because she didn't know what else to do about it she had to adhere to it.

If at first you don't succeed...

In the text of if at first you don't succeed Maxcy Filer Has had five banks reject his application for a small business loan. He took the California bar exam in 1966 when he was 36 years old. He didn't pass yet he tried again, again, and again. He kept taking the bar exam even when he reached the age when most people start thinking about retirement. after 25 years he took the bar exam for the 48th time and he finally passed and triumph at the age of 61. The unwavering support of family and friends is what kept him going without giving up.

Anton and Oscar Compare and Contrast

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Spare Parts Cause and effect

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