Back to School 2022-2023@FLE!

Falcons have H.E.A.R.T.!

UPDATED 8/12/2022

Please see information from MSBSD regarding Rolling Bus Cancellations for the 2022-2023 school year.

there will be NO bus service for Finger Lake Elementary on the first day of school.

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Remember to register your student for school-even if they came to FLE last year! Every student needs to be registered every year!

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PLC Mondays @FLE

Earlier this summer, the MSBSD sent out information to all families regarding Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and how school schedules would be adjusted on Monday mornings. The MSBSD is implementing this time during the workday for educators to reflect and adjust instructional practices based on essential standards and specific student needs.

The most obvious immediate impact on families is a later start time for students on Monday mornings. We recognize the challenges that this late start on Mondays presents to our families, and we will surely experience some growing pains. However, we believe this additional professional learning time will be a huge benefit not only for our entire staff but for our students. FLE teachers and staff are dedicated, inspired, and committed professionals. We are in education because we believe that all of our students are capable of learning and deserve access to robust academic opportunities. It is our job to ensure our students move on to middle school will the skills, resilience, and knowledge necessary to be successful.

At FLE, our PLC time will focus on the following:

  • Set clear, intentional goals for ourselves as educators for how we structure learning opportunities for our students
  • Clarify essential standards and ensure instruction is delivering lessons on those standards (click here for a link to the standards we use in the MSBSD)
  • Utilizing the science of reading across all subject areas and instruction (click here for more information about the science of reading)
  • Sharing, reflecting, & adjusting instruction to utilize best practices in every classroom and activity
  • Addressing the needs of the students that are not learning the standards for their grade
  • Addressing the needs of the students that have mastered the required standards and are ready to advance

In addition, we will be providing regular updates on our PLCs at monthly meetings which will be open to the FLE community. See more information below in the section titled "Falcon N.E.S.T.".

We appreciate your patience as we adjust to this new change. Below are the logistics:

Every Monday, starting August 22nd:

  • Doors will open at 10:00 am on Monday. Class begins at 10:15 am
  • Students that ride a bus to school will have a later pick-up time on those days
  • Whatever their Tuesday through Friday bus pick-up time is, their Monday pick-up time would be one hour later (If 8:45 Tues-Fri, then 9:45 on Mondays)
  • Students that are dropped off at school can enter the building after 9:55 am (please do not release students from your car before 9:55 am)
  • Breakfast will still continue to be served on Mondays
  • Students will still attend 45 minutes of specials, 30 minutes of lunch, and 30 minutes of recess on Mondays
  • School will release at 3:45 pm EVERY day

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please feel free to reach out. Click here for the link to the PLC Monday Website and click here for the PLC Monday FAQs.

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Finger Lake Elementary Open House!

Come join us on Monday, August 15th from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm for a chance to meet and greet our teachers and staff, drop off supplies, get help with transportation and School Dismissal Manager (SDM) questions, and more! The building is wide open this year, so come on in!

Can't make it to the Open House? No worries! We will have class lists posted on the front doors by noon on Monday, August 15th. We will also have our Back to School/Title I night at the end of September! This is a great chance to get into the building after school has been going for a few weeks and see what your students are doing in class.

You should also be able to see your student's teacher in ParentVUE on Monday, August 15th. If you run into any problems, please feel free to contact the front office at (907) 864-2200.

Kindergarten Roll-In!

If you have a student starting at FLE in Kindergarten this fall, please come to the Open House! Our Kindergarten team will be there to help families sign up for roll-in appointments. This will give you a chance to meet the team, see the school, and learn more about Kindergarten. If you cannot make it to the Open House, please either call the front office at (907) 864-2200 or email our Kindergarten Team. We can help you sign up for an appointment. Thank you!

August 15th Open House Agenda

9:00 am to 5:30 pm: Please feel free to drop off your student's supplies, labeled with their name, to the front office any time between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm. We will make sure they get to the right classroom! Our teachers will still be working hard in their classrooms, so we ask that they are not disturbed during the work day. They will be available during Open House!

12:00 pm: Class lists will be posted on ParentVUE and on the front windows of our school.

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm: Teachers and staff will greet families throughout the building, with various stations set up inside. We encourage families to not only visit classrooms, but to also stop in at the following stations:

  • Fill out an application for Free and Reduced Lunch! Yes, we encourage ALL families to apply! The provision that allowed for all students to receive free lunch last year has EXPIRED. Lunch charges will resume this school year.
  • Stop and check that School Dismissal Manager is working for you and set your default! Remember, the default is how your student will primarily leave school each day. If you need to enter an exception, you will need to make sure it is in SDM by 2:45 each day (see the SDM link below for more information!)
  • If you have not provided a birth certificate and/or immunization record (or religious exemption), please bring them with you and stop and see Ms. Gretchen at the front office!
  • Walk with your student around the building and help them find the gym, library, and front office!
  • If you are on Facebook, join the Friends of Finger Lake group! This is a great place for frequent updates and information from our school staff.
  • Show your student the playground and discuss playing safe while at school!
  • Stop and buy some FLE spirit wear! If we run out, we will order more!

FY23 FLE School Supply List

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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

If you are new to Finger Lake, please see the linked information below regarding transportation procedures, including School Dismissal Manager and FastLane. If you are an experienced Falcon, we will be using the same pick up and drop off procedures from the end of last year. Please go into SDM before the first day of school to verify your child's dismissal routine. We have found that SDM will revert back to last year's default unless you request the office change it. Please do this before the first day of school if it needs to be updated. Please review the information below for a refresher if needed!

Click here for School Dismissal Manager and FastLane information!

The Falcon N.E.S.T.

Creating partnerships with our FLE families is a priority for our team. We want families to feel informed and involved in their student's education. One Thursday each month we will come together to discuss what is happening at Finger Lake and how we can adjust or prepare for the future. Ms. Hardy will lead the meetings to focus on:

N: Needs (what are we seeing as a need in our school?)

E: Engagement (What opportunities do our students have beyond the academic setting?)

S: Student Performance (what goals have our PLCs identified? How are we meeting those goals?)

T: Title I Events (what are some after school events that we can provide for our FLE families?)

The meetings will be open to all members of the FLE community and will be a way for us to connect on our shared focus: our students! Our first meeting will be on Thursday, August 25th, in the FLE Library. We will meet from 5:00 until 6:00. Thank you!

We are looking forward to seeing you! Let's have a great year!

Respectfully, Team Finger Lake